Your thoughts on GABA

I've been diagnosed with lupus on top of my fibro.

My Dr wants me to start Gaba for the pain but honestly everything I've read about it doesn't look promising. Is anyone on GABA? Side effects? Is it worth it?

Hello EveryStronger,

Just like to send you warm thoughts and sorry to hear you have to deal with lupus too. Hope you get good advice about Gaba,not experienced it personally. I do think some meds have such bad side effects, and don't provide much relief that you have to be careful. Good luck

Take care, Anne

Hi EverydayStronger, did your doctor tell you what he hoped the benefit would be for taking Gabapentin? I take Gaba mainly for nerve pain. I actually was quite hesitant to take it as well, I took it many years ago and remember feeling sedated. But after a discussion with my doctor I decided last year to give it a try. We started at a very low dose and went up really slowly. When I got to 300mg, I noticed that my head seemed CLEARER overall, it seemed to be helping the Fibro Fog. Unfortunately it hasn't helped my nerve pain but it does help with the Fibro fog which is a total benefit and why I continue to take it. But I have read here for others it makes the Fog worse, which was my experience years ago. The one side effect that hasn't gone completely away is my appetite is bigger which is unfortunate. Every medication has it's potential side effects and as you know, with Fibro what works for one person might not work for the next. Please keep us updated on what you decide, remember that you are in control of your treatment and need to feel comfortable with medication decisions. Hugs.

Hi EverydayStronger,

I've never taken Gaba so I'm not able to help you there. My suggestion would be to check out the Living With Lupus group since you also have Lupus. There are many people who belong to more than one group on "Ben's Friends".

Gentle Hugs,

Dottie S.

I assume you mean Gabapentin. I do not have lupus, but I have fibromyalgia and I have been taking Gabapentin for several years for the pain. I have not noticed any side effects that were difficult to accept and I feel that it helps with the pain.

I take Gabapentin and find that it very helpful for nerve pain. My feet and lower legs burn and itch so bad it will wake me in the night and keep me awake. Gabapentin has really helped reduce the intensity of the pain. I can tell, because on occasion I miss a dose and do I ever feel that missed dose. A friend who is a doctor told me to take my meds morning, dinner and before bed to avoid the brain fog it can sometimes cause. I have enough trouble staying awake in the afternoons as it is. I have to admit I haven't noticed too much fog, or maybe I am too foggy to notice, LOL. When starting on new meds I would encourage people to speak to their health care providers to determine what the drug is suppose to help with, what the side effects might be and will the benefits outweigh the side effects. Also talk to them about when you should take the meds, as this can help moderate some of the effects. I wish you the best with the drug if you choose to take it. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. Hugs.