Your experience with Savella?

Would those taking this drug be willing to share their experience with it? I understand it may react differently with each individual.

Savella 50mg tabs, has been a miracle drug for me. It has kept me on an even keel. It was first suggested to take 1 in morn & 1 at night but the 1 in morn had me wanting to take a nap all day. I take 2 with my bedtime meds.
Love, Light & Peace. Maggi.


Thank you for information. One question: does it give you bad dreams? I just came off a drug that did (Remeron) and don’t want to sign up for more.

Hello! I decided to start taking savella 50 mg because I knew someone it worked for. I did not have a good experience. It made me very aggressive and extremely agitated. I found myself screaming at people I didn’t even know. I was a “crazy enraged” person. My husband called my doctor to after. Week and a half have me taken off of the medicine. Now, I was taking tramadol as well which I read afterwards that it shouldn’t be taken with savella due to similar ingredients. So that may have caused my very poor experience with savella. I do know people who have thrived off of it. Just check your other medications to make sure there won’t be any reactions similar to mine. I hope your experience with savella is a positive one.

I have had on occasion bad dreams before I took Savella & I have the same amount w/Savella.

3 years ago I was on Savella for about 3 weeks. I had vivid neon-colored hallucinations. One night my husband held onto me all night as I gripped the comforter and tried to climb “the mountain” and then was “falling” and all the rocks were purple and green. He told me how I was and that it went on for 4-5 hours. Told me how afraid he was to even get me water or go to the bathroom. When the med wore off I was exhausted. Husband phoned the doctor I was too weak to talk. It is a med that is on my allergy list.

Carolyn, that sounds just awful!

I couldn’t tolerate it either. Kept me up all night. My mind just wouldn’t shut down and I felt like I had to keep moving my legs because I would get a weird, tingly, electric agitated feeling if I didn’t. Will never take it again. Incidentally I have the same reactions to Cymbalta and Zoloft. Grrr. So gabapentin and tramadol it is!