You know you're in a bad place when

. . . what finally motivates you to go for an early morning walk around the block is the hope that you'll get mauled by a bear and won't have to go to work that day.

(Of course, now I feel bad about it because I wouldn't want to take any innocent bears down with me.)

Sometimes you have to laugh, just so you won't cry.

A line in a country song says: "Sometimes you're the windshield and sometimes you're the bug"

That cracks me up and helps me keep smiling :)

Mary Chapin Carpenter! Haven't heard that in ages. Although I must admit, I always thought being the bug-splattered windshield was only slightly better than being the bug. LOL.

Busted out my iPod this morning. Listened to "Pocketful of Sunshine" a few times, then "Party in the USA" and "Play That Funky Music."

Resisting the urge to listen to something that fits my mood, like Metallica or Godsmack.

I actually live in Boston, but last year we had a young black bear "looking for love in all the wrong places" just a few blocks from my condo.

A bear? In Boston? Oh my! Ha ha, he wouldn't match the brownstones at all! Go back to Maine, black bear, where your coat will look sooo fine!

I can't walk around the block either...or even a few feet up the block, Kelly. Am wondering if this means that I can do NO NO NO exercise at all that involves being on my feet, since I've been in horrid pain since my stupid Tai Chi class! Yes, indeed, what's a girl to do??

Oh Liz, I know that you feel bad, but you did make me laugh! You're such a character! Time to get a hold of your Dr and ask him if he can do more for you! This is the 'bear' to do the wrestling with!