Yep, had enough. You may want to take cover for a few. Vent alert

I have finished dumping out my meds, except for 2 I know I have to wean off of. I'm one of those people who gets worse health wise every time they add something new. It is craziness on my part to keep taking something that is destructive to my health, instead of helpful. My body does NOT like lab produced meds!

The latest offender is a blood pressure med. (unable to take most due to allergy or serious side effects) I spent today, all day Saturday, with recurrent chest pains like 30 minute heart attacks. Been there, done that, and know it is the med to blame. I'm detoxing my system, and taking it easy until this crud is out of my system. If I hit the ER, I know they would admit me. I am not advocating anyone else do this, but it is the choice I've been forced to make. My body is weird.

My doctor's answering service won't page him and yes I consider this an emergency, my EKG is already messed up. I have clean coronary arteries, stumped the cardiologist, and was dismissed. He was as helpful as the neuro who didn't want to figure me out - 3 visits, no tests done, and wrote scripts for 2 meds I already had told him I was unable to take. There's more and worse horror to tell but I'll spare everyone.

So yes, modern western medicine has lost all of my trust. I'll trust my own heart and God, and find a better way towards wellness. Nutrition and supplements. natural healing helps, PT, massage, exercise as I am able, ancient healing traditions, whatever it takes. And I'm handing them back the ABC list of 42 and I stopped counting diagnosis too.

I'm not physically well, but I intend to do whatever I can that is helpful, and loving towards myself, to get as close to it as possible. I really don't give a rat's backside any more who disagrees, from my family and friends to anyone else.

If I'm not welcome here because I will not advocate big pharma meds and pill pushing doctors, it's alright, I will go.

Vent over.

safe to come back out now.

I am so sorry to here you are so messed up at the moment so try to slow down and breathe I make no judgrments about yot you wanting to try the holistic way of dealing with this condition whatever works for you, it is your body your life and your decision but it does worry me stopping I don;t know what meds you are on but some just can;t be stopped suddenly you may have to be weaned of of some at least have a freind stay with you who can call an ambulance if something goes wrong I truly am worried about your welfare and your health but I do understand you frustration and I do repect what you are doing but please have somebody with you if things go wrong I am so worried about you drop me a line so I know your OK Pleas I beg you Warm Hugs Jeannie

Please be careful! Vent sounds well deserved. I am not against trying the holistic way. BUT my concern is the chest pains you are having. As long as you are not against going to the ER if you cannot get ahold of your Dr. After my last accidently withdrawal from Lyrica from a mistake in the script that I did not catch, I would think you would want the dr involved in the withdrawal process. Hope all works out as you would like. Please keep us updated on how you are feeling and I will say a special prayer for you. Gentle hugs, Scarlett

Tammy, thank for being concerned. Am being careful. and will get help if needed. None of my scripts are for fibro, unable to take those meds! I'm one of those allergic to everything people, and my doctor isn't a good fit since he doesn't have a clue about natural medicine and it's benefits. I feel aweful, and am taking it easy. Plenty of water, rest, no stress, just dealing with what I have to do.

I will be alright. Felt safe to vent here, and thank you for being reassuring. hugs, Perplexed

hugs back Jeannie.

I am taking long slow deep breaths, and thinking as I go. I promise if something goes wrong, I will get help, right then, not wait. Some of us simply do not react as expected to meds. Our bodies revolt. Can't think of the proper medical term at the moment. I'm not able to bear the thought of a loved one finding me expired in the floor because my doctor and others put pressure on me to do what isn't good for me or working for me.

It's up to me to create my best possible wellness and life. A number of the conditions I deal with have been created by medicine side effects, and the aftermath of treatments.

Thanks for taking the time to post.

I'm glad you are familiar with holistic medicine, as that's the direction I'm looking towards. We are body, mind, spirit. I need that to be balanced and all three well cared for! The chest pains are very concerning to me as well. No heart or artery disease or panic attacks, so who knows? And with an already known mesed up EKG (inverted T wave) it would be foolish to not be careful. I'm taking it slow, doing stress reduction, and only 2 very mild episodes today. I do not know the half life on the offending medication, so not sure how long until it is completely out of my system.

If we can change something that needs changing, I say be caught trying. What we are unable to change, accept. The approach we each take towards best possible wellness has to be done by being empowered with knowledge. My body has vetoed the medications. I'm listening.

hugs back, and thanks for the prayer, much appreciated.

I believe we all get to the point where we wonder if the meds are really working, as we continue to suffer from pain, sleepiness nights and foggy brains. I also believe that we know our bodies well, the longer we suffer we become very attuned. I like everyone else are worried for your safety discontinuing meds without a doctors approval. It sounds like you are fully aware of the pros and cons of doing so, and I will pray that you find alternative ways to keep yourself as healthy and pain free as possible. You’ll have to let us know how your journey goes.

I am also drug sensitive and am always looking for holistic or alternative means that won’t bankrupt my savings or make me worse off. It seems like you tried to reach out to your doctor and isn’t taking calls. Can you try his office again tomorrow to let him know what you are doing? It should be noted in your records in case you do have to go to the hospital. They may not have up to date med list and could give you something that you no longer take. The dosage could be too high for starting a med again. I wish you the best and hope you’ll “vent” as much as you need. hugs~

I talked to someone on here the other well month ago who was having good luck going holistic and changing her diet... don't remember who it was... but I think it is cool that this can work. I have made changes to my diet too, well you wouldn't know it by this weekend because I was cooking for thanksgiving and well... you have to taste test it ... right. :)

But I agree with all the reply's I read. Be careful, and do tell your doc's office that you are doing this. I would have said, before you do it, but what is done is done. I got my cymbalta meds. screwed up at the pharmacy and ran out of them for five days ... worst pain I have ever felt and I have had two kids... this felt like my muscles under my skin were sunburned... I would take a real sunburn over this...

All that to say there might have been an order to coming off of them to lessen the withdrawl effects.

But as long as you are drinking water like someone is gonna show uip tomorrow and take it away and watching those chest pains closely... I say... good for you.

This is a site for folks who have fibro to get support.. not just for folks who take pills. keep us posted how it is going.

Hi Perplexed,
I have quit meds several times that I didn’t think helped me or made me feel worse. One of them is Lyrica. I have started and quit taking it several times. Two days ago I had to restart it due to the most severe itching and burning I have ever had. It seems to have helped with those symptoms. We all get attuned to our own bodies and have to make these decisions for ourselves. The doctors do not know how we feel or live in our bodies. If you get into trouble with withdrawal call 911. You don’t have to worry about judgment on this site. It’s for people who really understand. Good luck, hope you feel better.

I hope you are doing ok today. While I was in the hospital it was decided my medications and my body were note getting along well so I am only taking 2 now and see my doctor the 4th. Lets us no how you are.


Hello everyone, am worn out so excuse the lack of individual replies. The caring and compassion here are heart touching, and I'm grateful.

My family is aware of what is happening with me, and those not living here are checking up on me when my husband is unable. Plenty of texts back and forth, my daughter even cooked dinner for us last night. I see my primary care doctor next week, and will explain the situation to him then. Only 1 chest pain episode today, much less severe.

My pharmacist said give it about 3 more days to have the med causing them out of my system, and verified that med can do this, especially since another closely related to it did it before. I had to wear a heart monitor for a month, also did an unnecessary heart cath. The meds they gave me to counteract the contrast dye allergy made me sick for 2 weeks.

I know, sounds like a good old soap opera, but I promise I'm not a drama queen. haven't lost my mind, found sanity. also found my backbone, and will do what is needed towards having best possible wellness, happiness, joy and balance in life.

We each are different, and what works for one does not for another. Listening to my body. following my heart, tempered by educated thoughts and some divine guidance make absolutely sane sense.

hugs, Perplexed

I am a nurse and while I understand the use of certain medications, I personally dislike taking meds myself. I have been trying the Paleo diet, and I have faith that it will help my Fibro pain. I started out by searching anti-inflammatory foods. Then I searched Fibromyalgia and anti-inflammatory foods. Idiscovered that there are certain foods that add to the inflammation in the joints of our bodies. This diet is not actually a diet, it is more a change of lifestyle. It is also known as the caveman diet. It suggestseati g more natural foods, such as those the cavemen ate. Berries, veggies, fruits, nuts, grassfed animals, eggs, and fish. I have only been doing this about 10 days now, and I feel a little bit better already. I know it will take time, but it is an all natural way to help with fibro. I have not done much research on this diet and other conditions, but I would think it would help arthritis as well.

I thoughtsince you are trying natural remedies I would me tions this diet to you!

Thank you Jennifer, I'm doing an all organic diet, and am familiar with the Paleo. I do find the elimination of nightshades helpful. Also eating fermented foods and taking probiotics to help balance my gut, since so much of our immune system is linked to it.

I am so glad you mentioned lifestyle change, feel it is the key. Positive attitude and faith and hope, without those I feel less than human and merely existing.

Much success to you as you find what works for you to be more well!

Tina, thank you. It has taken me forever to be proactive, assertive, and realize my life is in my hands. My choices affect whatever outcome there is, so I take responsibility. There are good and not as good people in every aspect of life, including the healing fields. I'm a tough puzzle to solve, way more than fibro to deal with. I can see where someone treating me could become very frustrated, but letting major stuff (that now affects me with permanent disabilities) fall through the cracks is something different entirely. I'm not one to call a doctor unless I'm really jammed up, and know they need their down time too. I am on a waiting list to change my primary care, was told it would be probably March or later before I can even set my first appointment.

I feel the best thing we can do is be watchful, listen well, trust ourselves, and make informed choices. Mine may not work for someone else, or theirs for me. If we were all the same it might be easier, but then how boring would life be? I only hope someday no one struggles with what we all do health wise.