Would like to post my photo

Would like to post my photo
Im having trouble sending a message to Renie…can someone please help me? Thanks. BlueeyesIIII.

Hi blueeyes, and welcome! :open_hands: - hope you find this answer… :slight_smile:

To post a photo:

Firstly - just so you know, it’s not a rule: Most of us don’t post photos of ourselves, because this forum is public for all the world to see and we prefer to write freer about ourselves anonymously.

When you are writing there are small grey icons above the text box.
7th from the left and 6th from the right, so about in the middle there is one icon for posting photos. When you click on it an overview of your gadget opens and you can find and click on the file you want to upload. You have to wait about a minute (depending on your connection) during the upload process, depending on the size, but you can continue writing your post while you do so. On the right hand side you can how your post will look and see the photo when it’s uploaded, and under it you can choose if you want it to stay 100% the size or reduce that to 75% or 50%.

Posting a message to a single person:

  • click on their avatar (“picture”, in my case the jackdaw) and then
  • click on the big blue field saying “message”.

I’m not sure who you mean be Renie, maybe Seenie? In that case “Mod Support”, which isn’t Seenie personally, but a group of about 4 mods = moderators of the forum, but you can still write to her.

Hi there @blueeyesIIII ! I’m going to send you a private message to check in with you. I also responded to your question about how to send a private message.

Sharon from ModSupport