Worried and Not sure What to Do

Hey guys,

I'm missing work (again) today because my flare still hasn't subsided any. I'm really worried because I have no other option but to work. I'm divorced and have no one to take care of me financially and I'm too young to be on SSDI (and have worked too recently). This situation has had me super stressed for a while now, which in turn just makes me hurt more.

I'm thankful to have found this group and to have such wonderful people to learn from and be encouraged by. I really don't know what I would do if I didn't have this group to turn to.

Does anyone know of a PCP in central Arkansas that takes fibro seriously? I haven't found one yet, but I want to try to start going again. I moved almost a year ago and my old rheumatologist retired a couple years ago, so I haven't really talked to a doctor in a while. I'm not sure there's much they could do for me, but I figure I'm better off going than not.



I would recommend you go to a Rheumatologist and not a GP. I believe to go anywhere else for treatment of Fibro. is a waist of time when you need treatment ASAP. Even a Neurologist...Do your homework before you call ... make sure they treat fibro. check them out and read their reviews. When you call ask them if they diagnose and treat fibromyalgia.

Hi Karli,

I was in the same situation as you but I don't know how old u are but I applied for SSDI and was rejected at first, hired an attorney which then I started receiving checks in 5 months and the attorneys fees were around $200.00n that came right out my first check and I still continue to work 20 hours per week like I was when I applied.That's my income limit to be eligible. I live in Massachusetts son I'm not sure how ur state works but SSDI is FEDERAL!!!! Good luck!



try to get your medical records from the retired rheumatologist. it will help to present them to the new doctor. from personal

experience avoid family practioners, a good internist might be of help.

you can apply for ssi, no work experience necessary

good luck

The only one I know of is Dr James Abraham in little rock. He is a rheumatologist. After I get done seeing the Neuro Dr I am gonna try him. My mom see.s him for her rheumatoid arthritis and she loves him. I went with her and he has pamplets in his office about fibro.