Wonderful Spine Surgeon in Colorado

Doctor Vikas Patel is in Aurora, CO and is an orthopedic spine surgeon at the University Hospital. He was referred to me from a soldier that my husband knew. He was the only doctor that looked at my pain not my age. I would recommend him to anyone having back pain, DDD, or any other problems.

Oh how I wish I lived in CO! I just had an MRI of my lumbar spine 6/10. I got the results in the mail 6/12. Called my neuro 6/14 to discuss results because I hadn’t heard from her. She never called me back :(. Report says I have DDD, 3 bulging discs, something about an annular tear, and an atypical hemangioma at L2. Among some other things. The pain (on top of the Fibro) has really been excruciating. I’m in Phoenix. Thinking I need to find a new dr-ANYONE?!

I think it’s time to find a new doc!! With all that going on in your back on top of fibro you need to find help. My problem in beginning was age…started at 26 now 40 & is ongoing. Find a doc that will respond & give u care u need. Best wishes on finding one. Found googling the doc to see how they score w/others is a big help. Am here if u ever need to talk. God bless!!