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Wishing you all happiness and safety!

  1. I told my wife she should embrace her mistakes…She hugged me

  2. Nothing spoils a good story like the arrival of an eyewitness!

  3. "You’re riding a horse full speed, there’s a Giraffe next to you, and a Lion chasing you. What do you do? Get your drunk arse off the Carousel!

  4. 5-year-old daughter: “Mom, why are some of your hairs white?” Me smiling: “Every time you make me sad, one hair turns white” Daughter wide-eyed: “Mom! What did you do to Grama?”

  5. One minute you’re young and fun. And the next, you’re turning down the stereo in your car to see better!

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Oh my goodness!!! These are hilarious!!! Amazing laugh therapy today, my friend :grinning: #4 is SO great. Sounds truly like something a kid would say- haha
#1 & #3 a hooooot! Thank you sweet GBear! :purple_heart:

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Not feeling well today. Fibro flair and my Epstein Barr is out of control… But I couldn’t leave you hanging with no laugh therapy!!

Girlfriend, please take care of yourself! You’ll need tons of rest for that Epstein Barr. Anytime you don’t feel like posting our laugh therapy, just say “tag, you’re it!” and I’ll come up with something!!!
I mostly just want to hear how you are doing, my friend. Hang in there!!! :purple_heart: Saying a prayer for you right now.

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I try but it’s getting rough lately. I’ve heard that many people with Fibro also get the Epstein Barr Virus to reactivate. I had mono when I was about 15. Of all people to discover the Epstein Barr was my Psychiatrist! She said I looked more tired than usual and ordered the tests to see what or if it was the virus. She knows me better than any doctor ever has tried to or cared to listen to me. I am truly blessed to have her!
I’ve been going downhill lately and I have a hunch that I’m lactose intolerant and possibly have Celiac disease. But I won’t have a 4th Colonoscopy!! So, I ordered a cookbook that says, "no sugar, no dairy, no gluten cooking. I’m a terrible cook by the way!! LOL,
my oldest son thinks I should go on the Keto diet but my cholesterol is actually at the “heart attack or stroke” level high. I refuse to take statins so I’m trying Niacin and Red Yeast Rice! Thank you so much for your caring words. They mean a great deal to me!! Hugs.

Wow - I never knew that about mono. I had it when I was 18 - It was awful! It takes a lot of willpower to change your diet like that - It is great that you have a son that cares so much about you. Hang in there, GBear!!!