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Wish I had direction

Lost my job just before Christmas (12/19 to be exact). Was a huge blow to me as I was a nurse working full-time at a physicians’ practice and had been there for over 9 1/2 years. I wasn’t written up or disciplined or anything. Just out of the blue…let go. I wasn’t performing my job duties up to par and wasn’t “enthusiastic,” etc. The way they just kicked me to the curb was devastating as I considered these people my family. At any rate the practice was growing fast and I just couldn’t keep up with the workload. I get it, but the way they did it was just cruel. Anyway I have no idea what I’m going to do now. I’m 50 years old with fibromyalgia. I’m also single (divorced) so I have no other income to rely on. I can no longer do traditional “nursing” jobs as I don’t have the skills for hospital work or the stamina to even do that anymore. My concentration and focus have gotten worse over the “fibro” years - officially diagnosed in 2015 - so I don’t know ANY job I could do that pays enough. Honestly, unless God heals me, I don’t know what do at this point. I have many people praying for me, but right now I just don’t know the direction I’m supposed to go in and I guess I just needed to write this down and vent a bit. Oh and my insurance ended at the end of January and of course my rheumatologist appt. is this Thursday. Grrrr

I don’t have any advice - my situation sounds similar to yours in many ways - but I can send gentle hugs your way. Maybe we both can get some ideas with your post.

I am 45, divorced and last Nov. I lost the little income I had coming in and the child support as my youngest turned 18.

I’ve been looking but it’s so frustrating. Yea, every fast food place, convenience store/gas station, and grocery is hiring . . . but I can’t handle the physical demands those jobs require. I don’t have the stamina, nor the strength, to do that. I have had more people than I can count tell me “well, you have a degree in computers - you can get any office job you want.” Maybe at one time I could have, but now? My degree is 20 years old and the last time I worked in an office, with computers, was 7 years ago. I haven’t worked with computers at all since then, till last summer. Anyone want to take a guess at how much changes in 6 years? Yea, I could learn the programs again . . . maybe, I’ve picked some of it back up since last summer, but not enough to work in an office - and the concentration/focus/memory issues don’t help that any.

At this point I have just enough savings to last me a month, maybe a bit more. After that? My pantry is stocked, I won’t go hungry, but a full pantry doesn’t pay the bills.

Blessings to both of you. I was very lucky the last time I was fired because I am married to a very supportive man. It will take a while but I suggest applying for SSI, if they approve you and you can hang on long enough you will get the income awarded back to when you were fired. If I can give advice about the application process, stress your real desperation more than your physical symptoms [believe me, I know how real those are! But sometimes the interviewers have a hard time with FM.] Best of luck to both of you! Molly94