Wisdom Teeth

Hi! I am 15 years old and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 7 months ago. I am getting my wisdom teeth taken out in about a week, and because of FM, I have the option of getting 1 side done at a time, or both done together. I was wondering if anyone else had experience with this, and if the surgery affected how you felt later. Thanks!

By both sides do you mean all 4 teeth? If that’s the case I would do one side at a time. That should be an option whether you have FM or not. It’s been some years since I had mine taken out but I was told(after the fact)that they shouldn’t take them all out on the same day. I had a very bad experience recovering at home because of that. You’re gonna be sore for awhile after. Just make sure you are following the after care instructions & you should be fine.

I had all mine out at once but that was pre fibro. I did have major surgery a couple of months ago and had a reprieve from my fibro symptoms for about 2 weeks, of which I was in the hospital for 8 days. I don’t know if this was because of the pain meds I was going IV or the anesthesia or what. I really didn’t care- it was so nice to not have the unrelenting pain. How are they going to do this- awake or sedated? Pulling them or cutting them out? Also, I guess part of the equation is if you want to go through the pain of recovery, etc. twice or if you want to get it all over with once. Many factors to consider there. Me, I would do it all at once no matter how they were doing it.

Hi, Bronzehorse,

Although I had mine done many years ago, I remember that I had one side done at a time. And I'd recommend it being done that way. Dental surgery can be pretty painful. Then factor in that you have fibro.

Another thought, some people find that they need more pain meds during dental procedures than the dentist originally gives them due to the fibro.

I don't know ultimately what's the best choice for you but whichever way you go, I hope it's comfortable for you.

Dear bronzehorse,

Sorry you have to go through this. I know you will be better after all of this is over and you have completely healed. Mine all bothered me seperately, probably the Sjogrens working on me then. So they were all pulled at different times.

Most people I know have had them done in segments, rather than all at once, it may be the best way for you.

Make sure your Dentist and hygenist know of your health issues, including fibro.

I take Lyrica for Sciatic nerve pain, and it also helps with pain of exposed nerves in remaining teeth. I can tell you it makes quite a difference in having a tooth pulled/removed when you are taking Lyrica. It really does help all nerve pain.

Wishing you well,


PS Please make sure you have someone drive you! It will be important you not have the added stress of driving.

Thanks for the responses! I will be under anesthesia and they are being cut out. My oral surgeon normally does them both sides (4 teeth) at the same time, but I believe I am going to get one side done at a time so my recovery will be less painful. Thanks again!

Just make sure your insurance will allow you to do it this way. Being under anesthesia makes a difference too, it should make it easier on you and the surgeon!

I had mine done one side at a time. I was put to sleep both times and felt a bit of pain afterwards but only the amount they said I would. I've had a tooth pulled before while awake and the only difference was feeling the tugging but the after pain was the same as if I had gone under.