Will this ever stop?

I have never felt great. I’m in the worse weeks…I guess I’m in a major flare.

Lately I feel like there is a monster in my body. Everything hurts. My skin. My back. My feet, my hands.
My afternoons are the worse–Around 3, so after work I take a nap and I always feel less tired but hurt more. I’m grouchy and so moody. I don’t want to move. I can sleep, unlike many people with fibro. But usually I can only sleep until 7 on my days off which is better than most do. Then the pain gets me out of bed into my chair with a heating pad.

I’m on cymbalta 60 mg relief in beginning, now seems to be gone. and gabapentin 100 mg three times a day. Over two months. No relief.
Years ago I had the best relief with tramadol but my doctor now says I can’t do it with the cymbalta.

I’m miserable. I can’t be touched and don’t want to be. Only strong handed massage is ok and does help but my husband can’t be home during the week when I need it most.

Does anyone feel this way? Any advice.

I didn’t get much relief with cymbalta. I get best relief with tramadol and would suggest weaning off cymbalta and get back on tramadol if that worked the best for you. I am also on amitriptyline that is helping me sleep and with the nerve pain. If you haven’t tried you might want to give it a try. I also get relief with Bowen massage which is specifically for pain management and helps so much. Only problem is it is expensive. But even once a month helps me. Hope you get relief soon.

Make sure you do all the above under doc supervision.

Hi I have fibro for 20+ yrs and it is very hard to acept the diagnosis and then learning to live with the the unrelenting ,pain. and fatigue Cymbalta is an anti=depressent it is used in diabetic's to treat diabetic neuropathy and chronic muscle pain. Obviously the Cynbalta is not working for the pain and you may also need Tramalol it comes in 3 diferent srengths 50s 100s & 200 and maybe it's time you sat down and had a good old talk to him about it If he won't listen to you, you may have to see another doctor. Tt mjght pay for you to get on the internet and lookup drugs used to treat fibo there is a lot out ther at least you will be well infromed about your medication. I hope this will help you Jeannie

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I know this is going to sound crazy, but getting your energy centers balanced (I'm a trained massage therapist, among other things LOL), might go a long way to helping you. I have a CD that is suppose to do that for you just by listening to it. (Music therapy????) Sounds crazy, I know, but my massage teacher played this CD during class, softly in the background. At first I couldn't stand listening to it. He explained that was normal, my energy centers (and basically my body) were stuck in a pattern and were resisting change. After about 3 weeks of classes (two days on every other weekend), I got use to it and now enjoy listening to it. It does help relax me and allow for restful sleep. Once that happens, I have more energy. They need to be listened to in the correct order--Aurora, Devic Dances, Couer de Lion, Heartland, The River Why, From Heart To Crown.

The upload limit prevents me from sending these, however, if you or anyone else wants them, send me your email address and I will gladly share.

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I will push for tramadol Friday. Thank you so much.

Now I’m afraid to go off cymbalta. Thank you for your suggestions.

Thank you for responding I’m hanging!!!

Thank you for talking to me. Your comment was amazing and really helped me. Again thank you. I need to take time to take care of myself. Which kind of scares me. I may need to take time off from work :frowning:

The meds you are on are anti-pressents they have pain relief benefits, but it is my experience and I have had Fibro for 20+ yrs you do need some kind of pain relief if you have bad pain and have no quaility of life because of unrelenting pain. Tramadol is a gives good relief to some people at the right dosage it comes in 50 100 200mg. and I think your doctor is being a bit dismissive and not listening to you, if he will not reconsider his position on pain meds I would look for another doctor, life is to short to be wasting it running around all day just trying to get some break from the pain I hear you and wish you the best

I'm sorry you're going through all of this but it's unfortunately a part of "living with fibro." You hit the nail on the head when you called it a monster in your body. Yes, you are quite right, but no one can see or banish this Frankenstein. It's like being a vampire or something in that we are so different than others and most of us keep vampire hours due to the pain. We don't inflict the pain, though. We suffer from it.

Advice? Try something else. Have you been on Lyrica yet? I'm on it, along with Tramadol and Effexor for pain relief plus sleep and depression aid. It helps but I still have breakout pain, some of which can be hellish. Heating pads, ice packs, SalonPas over-the-counter pain pads, and soaking in Epsom salts are all useful tools in diminishing some pain. Some go gluten-free and say it helps.

I hope that you get something helpful soon!!!

I have to go cause I'm in a lot of pain myself but need to get washed and dressed and go out to do errands. Blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Gentle hugs,


PS: Please come back! So many nice and supportive people here.

Is Tramadol like Ibuprofin? If so, I sneak one in every now and then for pain relief. I'm not advising that you do it, but maybe asking for a second opinion might be a good idea.