Why does my brain tell my body to go one way, but something tells me to go another way?

Ever since I had the FIbro (30 years!!), my body acts in such strange ways. For example, I will just be standing still, and out of the blue one foot will cross over the other foot, almost tripping me. Or, I might be walking around my home and again, out of the blue, my body 'throws' itself against a wall and I have to catch myself. I don't know if what I am saying makes any sense as it's really hard to explain. There are days that I will be standing still and one foot decides to step backwards. Do any of you know what I am talking about?? If so, can anyone explain medically what is going on? I have heard of other people with Fibro describe the same thing. Thanks! Laurie

Hi Laurie,

I have theorized it could be a few things... the deconditioning of our muscles from lack of use due to pain and weakness from the fibro flares and/or misfiring neurons. I can literally feel my mind telling my legs to move when I am having a bad fday of it and my legs not moving in sync with my brain or going in a completely different direction.

Or I will literally walk into a wall when my mind is telling my body to go straight. It's very odd and one of the first things that sent me to the neurologist before the rheumatologist was these "coordination" issues. I thought I had a muscle disease or m.s.

Have a good day, hon.


Ya know, I have the same issue. I thought I was just not paying attention to what I was doing. I've gotten so used to reduced times of mental alertness, I just really thought I was half daydreaming, & half not watching where I'm going. Some days I can be walking down a hall or down a store isle and it looks like I'm ping ponging between the walls or shelves.

I have no idea what makes it happen, but I am soooooo relieved to hear that someone knows what we're talking about! I've been telling docs for the past two years that it seems I walk diagnally and bump into walls. NOBODY said anything other than," I don't know what that would be."

Are there any fibromyalgia research centers?? Anywhere??


hi Sparky - About 3 years ago, I went to a neurologist (he was considered the best in the U.S.) and after all the visits I had with him, he couldn't figure out why my body did the things it did. He was SO slow about explaining things to me and he always kept me waiting for the longest time. I gave up and never went back. Sometimes, I would be in the exam room with him and if he got a phone call, he would leave me and go to his office and spend quite a bit of time on the phone 'conferring' with someone. So, I got tired of it, got dressed and left. That was the end of that!. Laurie

Hi Baltimore - Well, you are explaining exactly what happens to me. Weird, isn't it? When I am grocery shopping,even if it's for a couple of items, I will take a grocery cart to steady me, otherwise I am all over the place! If I am walking down a long hall way, I need to have a hand on the wall to guide me to go a straight line. Otherwise,
I will soon be navigating WAY over to the other side of the hallway. One thing I find interesting. If I am walking, and my eyes are looking straight ahead, I can walk a fairly decent line, but if my head is down a little, as I need to pay attention to be sure I don't trip on anything, I start weaving. Also there is no dizziness involved either. So, this tells me that our Fibro is definitely involved somehow. I don't feel so alone now, knowing others understand what I am talking about. In the two weeks I have been on this wonderful website, I am getting this idea that Fibro is indeed a very complex disease. SO much is involved, that it just boggles my mind! Since so many people are suffering from this, I fear that it will be quite a while before Doctors understand what Fibro really is. I have also read stories on this website of how patients are given the 'brush off' when they are trying to explain their symptoms. Some have even been told to visit a Psychiatrist!! This is absurd!! Sparky responded to my discussion and she gave the perfect description of how she 'ping pongs' between the walls on either side. That's exactly the way it feels. It doesn't frighten me, but I just add it on to the MANY symptoms I have of Fibro. Over the years, I have had Doctors give me a 'blank' look after I have told them what has been going on with me. This tells me to get out of there and continue to find a Doctor that knows what the hell I am talking about! Jeez! I am still on the difficult journey of finding someone to help me. It seems like such an endless search at times, it wears me out! Depressions sets in as well, as I feel so misunderstood by the Medical field. Thanks so much for responding, as the more answers I get from all of you, the more questions I can ask the doctor, because everyday, I am gathering more information from everyone! Hugs! Laurie