Why do I, at times, take my evening Meds plus my sleeping pill and I am wide awake all night long?

This doesn't happen often - but it did last night. I haven't been to bed yet and it's almost 9am! When this happens, I get Fibro fog really bad and feel just completely out of it. Thank God I love to read - and this is what I did all night. While everyone was asleep - I was ready to party!! LOL

I didn't have any flare-ups last night and wasn't really in any pain. Several times I tried to go to sleep, but it didn't happen. By 5am this morning, I got up and just did the routine things I do in the morning. Does anyone have an answer to this? Love and Hugs, Laurie

Hi Laurie,

Most sleeping tablets are designed to help you fall over to sleep but don't keep you sleeping. My rheumatlolgist prescribed Cymbalta 10 weeks ago and initially slept for 12 hours after taking it. I have been started on low dose 60 mg and she has said she intends to increase dose to 120mg, due to see her again next week. As I have gotten used to Cymbalta have been getting less sleep but still averaging about 8 hours a night. I also have Trigeminal neuralgia which is currently in a flare and have just had Carbamazipine increased today. Currently on 100mg but to be increased to 400mg in increments. Still in pain throughout the day but more managable as getting a sleep. They are still decieding what to change pain meds to due to traditional painkillers ineffective for T.N. will keep you posted.

Thoughts are with you


Hi Ann - thanks SO much for responding to my post. I respond to all of them and learn so much that I can relay to my nurse, Megan. In May - I am due to see a new rheumy. I have been on a waiting list. She is supposed to be very good so I am excited about her maybe helping me to resolve some issues I have with my Fibro.

I take Trazodone - which has worked really well with me. My doctor upped it to 100mgs and it does help me sleep. But once in a while, I am just wide awake no matter what I do or take! Weird! LOL I am still up now and NOT tired. Hopefully, tonight I can get my rest because in the end, my body pays a price when I don't sleep well. Hug!! Laurie

I am having insomnia 5 out of 7 nights a week.

Nothing helps or works. I usually sleep for less than an hour and then wake for sometimes an hour through the night, but recently found that when my BF sleeps over I sleep for a solid 3 hrs before my constant struggle begins.

Perhaps it is a comfort to have someone near me, or because it is warmer to have someone sharing the bed.

This started last month and is just not ending. It has effected my appetite too. I am rarely hungry and lost 10lbs.

I am thinking of going to the doctor again. I wont take sleeping pills, I have tried over the counter and herbal but will not use the scripts because of side effects.

Hi Lyra - Do the OTCS work for you? If they don't, you may want to reconsider prescription sleeping pills. You are having way too much insomnia per week and with your Fibro, it can be even more exhausting. I was extremely picky about taking scripts because a long time ago, my doctor gave me a script for Ambien. I took just one and apparently I got up in my sleep and cooked a meal for myself - got on the computer and then went back to bed. Dangerous stuff! So is Lunesta.

Trazadone, for me, is wonderful. I sleep pretty good and never wake up groggy or feeling 'out of it.' However, if I am having a really bad flare-up, I obviously can't sleep and Trazadone is not a pain med. But most nights I sleep anywhere from 5 to 7 hours. Hope you find something that works for you Lyra! You weight loss concerns me too. Have you made an appointment yet to see your Doctor?? Hugs! Laurie

Hi Lyra,

I found your 10 pounds = )