Why did it Get Pushed Back so quickly?

HI everyone - about 3 days ago, I posted a discussion that was very important to me, to get a message across to all of you. It took me considerable time to type it all down. I then posted it and it only stayed on the front page maybe for 2 to 3 hours. Then it got pushed to the second page and finally the third page. This has never happened to me before. It there a reason for this? Hugs! Laurie

Hi Laurie. This happens when others respond to a posting and the posting gets pushed to the front, sending the original first posting back to second position. Then each time a post is answered, it goes to the front, pushing the original first posting further back.

Please don't take offense on this because your post was one that inspired people to read it. Some posts are more of a read than answer post, rather than a read and answer post. I've made several like that. It does occur sometimes and there is nothing wrong with writing a post that inspires others to read it rather to respond to it.

If you want to bring it back to the first page so new people can see it, just go into the post and write something in it, like "bump to the front." Voila, your post will go back to the first place!

Hi Pet - it didn't work. But it did go from page 4 to page 3. Jeez! I want everyone to know that I posted a discussion about 3 or 4 days. It's a long one - but important. If you are interested, the title of the discusison is ''A Story to Tell.'' THanks, LAurie

Let me see if I can bump it up front for you.

Hello Laurie

Petunia is absolutely right when she explained to you about how Discussions get moved around. Just consider how many hundreds of people are members of this community.......1635........so Discussions are going to get moved around so that new Discussions can be featured.

It is nothing personal. It's just the way things work. How else could there possibly be for members to post a Discussion. The Main Forum does not have that much room. The Main Page dispolays certain material that must be available to new members who are joining every day.

Gentle hugs