Why almost all fibromyalgia symptoms are behaving exactly like multiple physical anxiety attacks that lost its marble?


Of all the confusion it has to be that everytime when describing the fibro crazy attacks from variety types of agonizing annoying surprising pains to wild crazy ride of multiple neuropathy symptoms as if it’s always was in a middle of an ongoing biological warfare. I mean really, can any doctor explain why is that sound so much alike in terms of physically responds wheb they aren’t causing by the same stimulation? Like hitting the button for anxiety is always a cause and effects, but fibro is just more like echo effect that no longer have any button to push any more yet still kept on playing like a broken record!



Hi Tipnatee,

The way it’s kind of been explained to me and how I understand it (mind you I’m no professional) is that with anxiety and panic attacks there is a hypersensitivity in our natural fight or flight response, and that this same response tends to be overactive in people with Fibromyalgia. You describe it as ongoing biological warfare, which sounds rather fitting as it seems like the body is always ready for a fight, but isn’t sure where the enemy is coming from or what it even is. Has your doctor made any suggestions for you? I’ve found be able to just talk about it with someone who understands helpful. All the best to you :slightly_smiling_face:


I like how you put it " you are not sure where the enemy is coming from or what it even is". I always feel as if there is a “something” that I am always fighting. Just when I figured out how to use wraps and warmth to make sore spots feel much better…I have a new symptom!

Great tip for anyone. I find that using cloth gloves (without fingertips) people use them for arthritic hands…has helped me so much with reducing pain . When the weather is cold or I have overused my hands with artwork and they ache. The gloves keep my hands extra warm and the slight pressure from the gloves tightness or their material helps like a gentle massage. I wear to them bed often!