Why 1 doc worries, another white washes, and another is totally clueless?

I have not been on board lately. I am doing pretty poorly. I am falling down, a lot. I am weak and unsteady, a lot. I am in vicious pain, A LOT. I can keep going....

I get into my Rheumy, who seems to be one of the only docs that I feel I have taking me seriously. (thank Goodness) and he sees that I can hardly walk. I tell him that it is one of my harder mornings. I am getting very used to getting out of bed and walking into walls or just falling flat on my face or otherwise, He says he is very worried about me and starts checking me out and writing things down. This is a good thing....Now,

I have an appointment that I have had to wait over 3 months for with my Neuro who tends to white wash everything I tell him and throw it under an umbrella of one of my diagnosis...and tell me don't worry as he writes my out my prescriptions. Mind you, I finally got him to write for an MRI after 3 years of asking only because I ended up in the ER. Now, the MRI came back with "something" on it, and he has not even called me to tell me about it! I was clever enough to ask my Rheumy about the results. Now the 3 month wait is coming to a close and I am very very concerned with why the Neuro never called about the MRI and what if he just white washes it over like he usually does with so many of my other symptoms in the past? Not a good thing....

My primary care physician is totally clueless! So clueless that I am afraid to go back to her because I cannot figure out how to communicate with her and what she actually does?

How do I begin to get my doctors on the same page? I am the same person.....

Have you thought about changing doctors? My rheumy always sends reports to my gp and so does my neuro. I see a new rheumy next month I wanted someone closer to home I set up an interview with her before I changed to see if I wanted to hire her. Remember you are paying them for a service if you are not happy change the ones you see. Have you tried to call the doctor to find out the results? As sad as it is some reports are lost in the shuffle. My first mri had some thing on it I found this out because I work where it was done I worried for a week waiting on my appointment it was an abnormality I had sine birth which would cause no problems. I hope you find answers.

Hi mmom1. It sounds like you are full up with scetchy doctors. I hope you are able to get some cohesive attention, which you do deserve, by the way...and soon.

One thing struck me about your post. You said you are falling lately. I went through a season of falling as well. I had to get to the bottom of it because I refused to believe that it was the fibro causing it. It may have been, but here is how I dealt with it. I made an appointment with my pcp. I took every stinking bottle of pills with me to the appointment. I asked him if any of them could be causing dizziness and weakness - enough to cause me to fall. He would not answer my question, but tried to encourage me to keep using them all (7 prescription meds). Sleeping pills, vicodin, muscle relaxers, lyrica...etc. When I got home I started my own research and decided myself which ones I wanted to cut back on. I called the doctors office back and talked with them and we decided on a plan. So, we weaned me down from them. Yes, it helped. That was a few years ago. I haven't fallen since. I recently found myself getting way up there on the drugs again (because of an extremely stressful season in my life) and am going through a similar process now, of cutting some - very slowly - out completely, and cutting some down. I'm feeling more like me again.

I'm not telling you to stop any meds. I'm just saying that if we take them we need to know that some of our symptoms can be the effects of the very drugs we take to help us. I hope I haven't over stepped in saying this. I mean only good things for you.

Lots of love and hugs for you.


thank you Kitty.

Yes, I have looked into my meds and I am a person who strongly feels and lives by if I really don't need it, I am not taking it. I have been the walking pharmacy cup many times in my life and had no control over deciding what I could or could not take. I don't let that happen to me anymore. I am on very few meds at the moment and I don't take any offense to anyone who suggests getting off of anything. I went cold turkey off of over 15 different meds (don't try that at home, kids). Including some really mean antidepressants, if I wasn't 10,000 miles away from my doctors, I would have been committed, for sure, but I was bent on taking the meds out of the picture and getting my life back.

My doctors are slim pickin's here on Medicaid. :-(. I actually have to switch first in order to get an appointment with anyone and then if I don't like them, I have to wait 30 days to switch to another, if they will take me. It stinks!

I have really low bp very often but I am very used to it and know when to put myself down before I fall, even if it means lowering myself straight to the floor. The Neurontin definitely leaves me weird, but things are significantly off. The heat and humidity doesn't help, but right now my body just drops. I fall out. Either my leg goes out on me or I faint or I just lose balance and go plop. When I walk I feel like a car in need of a wheel alignment.

I have a little over a week left until I see the Neuro and am planning on not letting him know that I know the MRI says there is something that needs to be watched on my brain. I plan on playing the dumb card until he says that everything was normal and chooses to leave off the fine print that says "for now". Then I will consider if there is another Neuro that takes Medicaid here in my county. This guy touts that he is the only one and he works in a group that wont allow you to switch to another dr in that group. Good news is that I am beginning to hear different.