Who has advanced FM with hypersensitivity?

I cant be touched, breathed on, every pain I have ever had has come back to me? Hypersensitivity is only in a sever attack triggered by damn near anything at this point but can last for (10 months and still going in severe attack) any amount of time! I have FM down to a science but certain people and situations trigger me and I can not control them!

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@nmns1976…I have never thought I had severe Hypersensitivity during flares of my FM. I know I have hurt like the dickens and there are some triggers that cause me to go into flares. A weather change, anger, too much household work without resting for a bit in between chores, and worrying about things I have no control over. You might be hypersensitive and there are many like you. I have had FM since 2000 and I suffer from it daily as some people might agree with me. I do go into flares and when I do, I just keep on going, that’s all I know to do. I have been in a flare for months at a time and wake up one morning and it will be gone. Go figure…I know I am not much help, but I wanted you to know you are definitely not the only one who has flares and hypersensitivity for months at a time. Watch what you are eating and try to calm yourself any way you can.

Hi. I have heightened sensitivity. I feel like you, don’t touch me. Even at night when getting ready for bed, having my clothes brush across my skin will hurt. I went to my first visit with a person who works specifically with fibromyalgia in a R/A office.

Hi Terearnah, Diagnosed in 1994. I’m in a fibro flare and am experiencing severe hypersensitivity to everything since the begining of Feb. I worry about things A cannot control (my 7 Kids). Like you, everything affects me: whole body is in pain. I only take Tylenol arthritis (650) in the morning, and monitor/limit my activities. Limit contact with my kids to reduce stress. Your post was helpful for me, Thanks for posting. I know this flare will resolve itself and the weather will get better.

I am hypersensitive to everything. Light, Sounds, Touch, Smells. It is a battle every time I have to venture out into public places. It creates more pain, fatigue and anxiety.

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