Where is Gramybear & her laugh therapy?!?!

@gramybear are you well & safe from the fires in your area?
Do you have more uplifting quotes?
You could even send a collection of your most popular quotes!
WE :purple_heart: YOU!

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The fires just keep growing and the smoke is getting harder to keep outside. I need to walk to the store but it’s hard enough just taking out my Molly for a few minutes. She misses her walks!!! Now they are talking more thunder storms coming tomorrow or Monday which started many of the fires in the first place. BUT, no need to worry until there is a reason to. Just praying for all those being evacuated. On that note, I will give you some quotes to hopefully help you!!

  1. Nope, can’t go to hell… Satan still has a restraining order against me!

  2. Apparently I have to eat healthy more than once to get in shape. This is cruel and so unfair!

  3. Why does toilet paper need a commercial? Who is NOT buying toilet paper!

  4. It takes real skill to choke on air, fall up stairs and trip over completely nothing. I have that skill!

  5. My curiosity and common sense are arguing again. I don’t think this is gonna end well.

  6. Shot my first turkey today…Scared the crap out of everyone in the frozen section. It was awesome!

7.I haven’t lost my mind. Half of it just wandered off and the other half went to look for it.

Happy Friday everyone!!

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Oh my!!! These were great, GBear. Number 6 was a hoot! :upside_down_face:

GBear, I also meant to say that you and the others in your area will be in my prayers. Praying for your safety (and for Molly Ann, of course!). I’m sure it is terrible having to stay inside constantly. When the fires in Colorado get bad, it has always been difficult on my hubby’s sister, there, breathing in smoke when she goes out, and wondering if the fires will be stopped before they reach her home.
Hang in there, my friend!!! :blue_heart:

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@Gramybear, just checking in - How are you and Molly doing?
I even posted a “funny quotes” to give you a break!
Missing you & praying you are safe & well! :purple_heart:

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Sorry I haven’t been here to cheer you up! I haven’t been feeling very well and even with the smoke, I HAVE to go out, not just for Molly but to walk to the grocery store!..So, before I sign out, I will leave you some mixed quotes!! Thank you for your concern, it means a great deal to me!! Love and Hugs.

I figured you weren’t feeling well, since you hadn’t posted in a few days. :cry: Wishing you better days right away! Hang in there, Gbear, and thank you for the wonderful quotes! You’re the best! :purple_heart:

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Hi Gramybear! I haven’t been on the forum for a very long time. I’m trying to find out more information about you. You are dealing with fires and smoke where you live? I’m soooooo sorry. And I’m guessing you have a dog named Molly? I had a beagle named Molly. She was a great dog. I love your sense of humor! Hope you are doing well.