When to give up on a drug


I have a working diagnosis of RA, with possible Fibro. Trying to figure it all out.

I started 50 mg Lyrica on May 4th. Increased to 100 mg a week later. Didn’t do the next increase b/c I had to stop Cymbalta (which I couldn’t tolerate!) For the last week, the Lyrica side effects are now manageable.

But. The Lyrica is still doing nothing for pain. I am tolerating the side effects. spacey, tired, zombie like…

So. Do I give up on it when I still am not even at the full dose? Or should it have done SOMEthing by now, even at a lower dose? Do I increase it and hope for some sign of relief?

I want to quit this drug so bad… But want to give it a fair try. Just not sure what a fair try is.

Have a call in to the doc… But I know you guys have dealt with this kind of stuff.


The doctor will probably tell you to continue the lyrica for a month or more. I personally had hallucinations with cymbalta and no help from Lyrica. The lyrica made me sleepy but NO pain relief. The rheumatologist told me if no lyrica i would need prolia shots. When I read all the scarey possibilities from Prolia, I went back to my primary care doctor. He agreed with me and so I am back on the narcotic Norco, but at a lower dose. Its the only thing that gives me even partial pain relief. Sometimes we have to make our own judgement when to stop a medicine. Always TAPER off. and remember what helps one person might not help another. This is a tricky disease. Try hard to get through each day and do not give up.


Thank you. I think I will go up one last time to the actual dose of 150 mg. By the time I do that for a week or two at least I’ll be to well over a mark month on this drug.

If I don’t at least do that, I won’t feel like I’ve given it a fair chance.

I am researching here more about Fibro to see if it seems to fit me… I just dont know.
I think the Lyrica was a test of sorts. But now after hearing of so many with Fibro that it didn’t even work for at all… I don’t know how much of a test it is.