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When it Gets to be to Much


I live with not only Firbro but also with Lupus (a form of they can't identify) sensorimotor peripheral polyneuropathy, osteoarthritis, and low platelets. So basically there is not a day where I don't feel some sort of pain. I have learned to accept this and adapt to it. I have learned to not be a victim to my illnesses but today is a bad day.

I currently receive a treatment called IVIG and am taking Cellcept. Since the time I started taking the Cellcept things have not been good. I have forgotten to schedule appointments, I have forgotten to go to appointments, I have forgotten to refill prescriptions, and well basically I forget a lot.

It is a lot for one person to handle especially when you have to take care of everyday life things.

Today I called my insurance company to discuss with them getting a caregiver. This is so humbling for me due to the fact that for years on end I have been so responsible in taking care of my medical issues. Well now basically, I suck at it.

It is hard for me to admit that I need help and it is hard for me to humble myself to ask for help.

Life in general just seems so much right now since one of my prescriptions needs a refill and has no refills left and my pharmacy called to get one and they were told that I needed to call and ask for it.

On top of all of that, I had my primary doctors appointment today and I thought it was at 11:45 a.m. and I showed up and the appointment was at 10:45 a.m.

I am usually not one to complain much less express the disappointment in myself but living with what I live with on a daily basis and taking care of my medical issues is a full time job. It use to take up most of my day, now because of life situations I have so many other things on my mind that I forget to do half the things I need to do.

I write them down, I put them in my calendar, and I have a written calendar, and yet I still forget to them. I go to do them and I get sidetracked and I forget.

I wish that my room mate was more helpful and he has been my friend for years but sad to say that since November of last year, I have had NO help. I have had to endure everything in my life and household by myself.

So, I have humbled myself to calling my insurance company and asking for help.

Good news is that I have insurance and I have the resources to utilize. Thank God for that. There is a bright side to everything if I can only look for it but right now the only bright side I see is the Gratitude that I have insurance that has the resources to help me.