What's your favourite up beat song?

I was inspired by a post by hanging on about an up lifting song she heard and the memories it brought back. It made me smile and the I thought I would build on such a great post by asking what are your favourite up beat songs and the memories that go with them so we can all share some warm fuzzy feelings together. Hugs.

Sorry the above post was to have the gender he not she. My hands are not my own some days. Hugs.

Native drums and flute no particular one the chants always make me feel more relaxed and lift my spirits

i like meditative,healing , relaxing music by composer Stephen Halpern. And i listen to Latin music , such as Pedro Fernandez and Chayanne. They sing many upbeat,love songs and they dance too. Always lifts me up



Do that to me one more time by The Captain & Tennelle Raging Fire by Pablo Cruise. These for me are feel good songs,... It reminds me of when I was in love with a man & we synced perfectly with each other.

Mothers' little helper by The Stones, To me it once was Give mom valiume so she won't kill the kids & now it is Give mom pain meds!!

My Life by Billy Joel I always sing this song thinking of saying it to my Mother.

Give me the beat boys by Dobey Gray, fits perfectly with the music I listen to, to fit my moods.


Boy there are so many. I listen to music non-stop. These are not songs but I love all they produce.

Enya, Yanni (tickets to see August 17th in Detroit), Enigma, Paolo Conte, Leonard Cohen (my hero), Jane Siberry, Lana Del Rey, Liindsey Buckingham, Muse, Peter Gabriel, Robbie Robertson, Sting, Tarkan a wide variety.

Some are sad and depressing but everyone needs a good cry now and then also.