What the, weather!

Warning, I’m going to rant a little bit. Ok. I moved back to Minnesota this September. I used to live here but left in 1995. I didn’t have Fibro then. I have had flares when the temperature is 75 f, 60 f, 92 f, 15 f, and - 26 f. But I’ve also NOT had flares at these temps. I had 3 days of lower pain and it was super cold and windy. But an hour ago, that dreaded feeling started again. Ah! The tops of my hands started aching, then my feet, then my legs, then sharp random shooting pains with a mixture of burning. Seriously??? I’m tired of this! It’s like no matter what I do or don’t do, I have flares about 4 times a week! And I feel so alone except for my Fibro family support. I need some help. I need some help cleaning, cooking and grocery shopping. Maybe there are people out there that volunteer to help? And it’s SO hard to ask for help! Ah! I go to church. It’s a great church. I don’t go often due to fibromyalgia. But I feel guilty asking for help. I feel like a burden. And I don’t have anything to offer back. I really feel like a burden. :disappointed: I’m tired pretty much all the time. Walking a short distance causes extreme fatigue and some shortness of breath. But I don’t need the extreme care that a nursing home would provide. I need help cleaning, doing laundry and grocery shopping. I can make small meals, heat food up. I’m going to stop now because the pain is now from my neck down to my toes. :unamused: I’ve heard some people have fibromyalgia that affects their arms only or certain trigger points. Not me. It’s always been from my neck down to my toes. Sorry I’m grumpy. Tomorrow is a new day. :sunflower:

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So sorry that your condition keeps you from doing many of your daily living tasks. I have heard that some folks have actually been put on disability which can provide for help with many tasks you struggle with. I’m not sure what your financial situation is, but I think Social Security Disability looks at that when you apply.
Please don’t give up, break up those daily tasks if you can and just do a little at a time. I realize getting out to church is a challenge, but you really need to do your best to get out of the house and around other people whoever possible. Wishing you the very best !

Hi Fearski! Good to hear from you again. I’m on social security disability right now. I got denied long term disability from the insurance company my previous job used. Just out of curiosity, what does your fibromyalgia pain feel like and is it localized or all over pain?

I am so pleased that you go to a good church and I am sure they will be willing to help you in some way. Perhaps get a rota up. In my church there is a group of people who cook meals for folk who need it. Others will get shopping or take you to appointments. Others are willing to help out in your home with cleaning and washing etc. It is hard to ask for help but once you have done it once then it will get easier for you. Your church might be able to help you in other ways. Fibro is a horrible illness to have because it is not only the pain we have to cope with but the mental and emotional side of it and one affects the other.

Maybe meals on wheels? I don’t know what the conditions are for getting that. but also for grocery shopping there is delivery. For the other stuff I am not sure what would be good to look into.

We are not burdens if we need help. The person that IS a burden is the one that doesn’t really need help but just wants everything done for them, they don’t have a chronic illness or any other illness, and yet they expect to be catered to and waited on and given every chance as if the world owes them something. Entitled, spoiled rotten brats are a burden, not those of us that actually need help and have things we actually cannot do.

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