What Test Can Be Done to Diagnosis Fibro

I am new to this group and have already learned so much…first of all, Im not alone with the daily struggles of being trapped in what appears to be a healthy body…My doctor diagnosed me probably 7 years ago now with Fibromyalgia, and I have been taking Hydrocodone for the pain, which now is like taking candy…doesn’t relief the pain…then about 12 months ago I started experiencing what I refer to as Panic Attacks…when it feels like your throat is closing in…so then came the valium. I did have one test years ago that involved needles being injected into my legs ( I never want to have that done again…VERY PAINFUL )…
If anyone has the time to respond to my post I would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT…sometimes people make you feel its “In your head”…

  1. I can sleep 12 hours and still wake up wore out
  2. The back of my neck hurts…which causes Migraines
  3. My legs hurt…but it is such a deep pain
  4. My arms hurt…the upper part ( badly )…getting to the point where I cant even lift my bag to the put it from the front seat of the car to the back seat without severe pain
  5. Shoulder Blades
    Thanks for letting me vent and share :wink:


Hi Lorrie! Welcome to the site. I am new too so dont worry. We all know how it feels to be new and to be told its in our head. We know better.

As far as I know there is just the tender point exam and labwork to rule out other problems. There is no lab test yet to confirm or rule out fibromyalgia. My MD ruled me out by checking all these things and checked my brain just to be sure. I am sure others will add to your post.

There are medications out there FDA approved for fibromyalgia, I would probably try to talk to your doctor about them if you havent already. They include lyrica, cymbalta and savella.

Your not alone I can tell you that. If you read some old post we all are asking the same thing.
I know that it’s tough, bit I think with time you can get your Fibromyalgia comfortable, because I don’t think that anyone it’s getting better.
You can thought this, we are here for you.
If a doctor don’t listens to you, hey get a new doctor. We all been to so many doctors, till we found the one.
Don’t give up, it will be ok.
Don’t mind asking for help.

Hi there is actually a test that does prove if you do have fibro or not. The catch is that the company who has patent on it has your doctor send your bloodwork to their lab. It costs about $500 and your insurance may or may not cover it.

As to accuracy is more accurate than the test they give people for RA so very accurate.

webmd has articles about it but here is another link that also gives you the company name and web site.

Many credible sites have covered it and said it is accurate.