What’s the best cream to use for pain?

I know someone has the answer to this question.:thinking:. My whole body is in pain all the time. The level of pain and symptoms can change from moment to moment. When I say my whole body hurts, my face, head and front of my neck don’t hurt. For me, I found that the generic form of Aspercream worked/ works great. It doesn’t smell. It’s not expensive. But… I think, because I use it every day, and I cover every inch of my body with it that I can reach, I may have “ overdosed” and had some salicylate toxicity. Salicylates are part of what aspirin is made from. Aspercream does not contain aspirin. Sometimes, when my pain is really, really bad, I’ll use it three times a day. I started having severe nausea back in August. And it started again in October. I did some research and the symptoms I have, may be related to overuse of the cream which was totally accidental. I’m not a doctor and I see my Rheumatologist tomorrow. I will talk to her about this possible issue. Ok. So here is the big question. HAS ANYONE FOUND A CREAM THAT CAN BE SAFELY APPLIED TO YOUR WHOLE BODY, THAT REDUCES YOUR PAIN LEVEL? Oh, and doesn’t smell.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:. And is not super expensive. Because I’m pretty sure that the amount of cream I use, is keeping that business going and maybe even influencing the stock market to go up. :rofl: That was a joke if anyone got it. I’m in a silly mood tonight. But my question is sincere. That cream is the only thing that has helped me. NSAIDS do not help nor do any of the oral “ Fibro” medications. I don’t want to use opioids because I’m afraid of getting addicted. Any ideas???

Hi Freedom,
doubt I can help you, but I use arnica cream every time hands & joints hurt or muscles cramp. Probably too expensive to bathe in ;-). Cold or breath-holding or resting for the Ache, not cream however… I say arnica, but it’s got quite a few other herbs in it too, it’s called Traumeel.

Hi, Freedom!
I use Voltaren gel on hands and feet, but since it is an NSAID, it probably won’t work for you.
Below is a link to another cream I just started using, especially on my shoulders, at night: (It does have a bit of a menthol smell, but doesn’t bother me, and has been very helpful with the pain)

Hope you have a great weekend, my friend! :purple_heart: