What meds work for you guys?

I’m calling on all of your wisdom & experience! Can anyone please tell me what works with the pain medication? I have heard that some people have a regular pain med and a stronger one for breakthrough pain. Is that true & a pretty normal protocol? I get oxycodone 15 mg my doc thinks it’s overkill, but it doesn’t even work. Plus, I think it’s giving me migraines. So I don’t even bother with it anymore. I am in pain 24/7 and I’m basically unmedicated for it. I don’t know what to do :frowning: i wish there was something that worked. I’ve tried and do non-med things I can, too. But wonder if there’s something else I can try.

These are the meds I take , SAMe, 800mg Ibuprofen am and pm, vit B, mag, potassium,fish oil, green tea ext, multi vit. I also got rid of stress and I sitll have pain but not that bad. I like all natural work best for me . I have tryed FM meds and I just can not do them.

Before I got pregnant I was taking. Gabapentin, Tramadol, 2 muscle relaxers, antidepressant and ambien

Thank you guys for your replies! I guess I should have said what I have tried, but it seems like there are so many! I started with Hydrocodone (Vicodin 5, then 7.5, then Norco 10/325) + Ibuprophen. It was an excellent combo for me, but after a few years of that the ibu damaged my stomach, so the doc told me not to take it anymore. In addition, I got worried about the apap (tylenol) additive getting toxic for my kidneys or liver, so I asked the doc for one without that. That’s how I got to the oxy 15’s- they dont have it. I’ve tried Cymbalta (made me sick), Lyrica, Tramadol & Gabapentin (they did nothing). Savella was once offered but my ins wouldn’t pay. I do take ambien for sleep and I’m on antidepressants. I also take vitamins fish oil & I am eating no sugar no Gluten, organic as much as I can, etc. muscle relaxers do help but many dont work on me & they make me too sleepy to use during the day. Thank you

I buy wal-mart equate version of excedrine migraine.Works better than anything yet.26yrs of pain.Try it…

Hi. I take the same med you take but my spell check won't let me type it.I only take 10mg. Dr started me out on 15mg and after taking 1 pill on a Monday I did not wake up till Thursday! I am a lightweight. So we dropped it down to 10mg. I also take videophone along with it and I take a Homeopathic med for Fibro pain and I use essential oils. All this just to keep pain to a manageable level. Oh yea, I also take Amitriptoline at night to help me sleep but I have to take it by 7pm at the latest or I have a difficult time waking up in the morning. I told you, I am a lightweight!
Please keep us posted on how you are doing.
Jackie S

OMG....I can't believe it. I tried this and viola, I didn't have as much pain! I'm gonna try again tomorrow, I hope it wasn't a coincidence. If this works, I am going to be the happiest girl in the world! I know I have occasionally tried it for migraines and I was surprise it actually did something. Some of the migraine meds don't do anything, or they will for a few doses then stop (which the doc told me is not uncommon). I've gone through quite a few. anyway, thank you for this tip!

My rheumy gave me Tramadol for fibro and it helped. The pain clinic I go to didn't like giving it to me on top of the percocets so they switched me back to Neurontin at a low dose cuz' the walls start bending if I go too high. It helps some but not nearly enough at such a low dose. I do have flexiril that I take and it helps some, it's a anti-spasm relaxer. I'll admit I'm in a fair amount of pain here lately since they took me off the Tramadol. It's been over a month so I know it's not withdrawal. I blame it on the weather since we can't seem to get out of the storms line of destruction. Here's hoping for better days to come.

Hi there I’m on MS Contin 60 in the morning and MS Contin 30 in the evening and Endone 5mg for breakthrough pain. Some days it works miracles others it barely touches the sides. I’d love to hear what other ppl are taking too.

HI Liz,

I take a combo of OTC supplements and prescribed meds. I take gabapentin 400mg x 3, celebrex 200 mg daily, omprazole to protect my tum from the celebrex, and T3s, as needed, but a fair amount lately due to reoccurring or one giant flare. I also have Kertolac a intense anti inflammation med for break through pain. Works great on an arthritis flare, not so good for fibro. Supplements: omega 3, glucosamine, milk thistle to cleanse my liver and kidneys, and vitamin D. I will speak to my doc about something other than the T3s and celebrex, I have been on them for a few years now, and I want to try something else if possible. Glad to hear the generic Excedrin worked so well, that is awesome. Good luck finding the combo that works for you.