What is this?

This may sound crazy but I couldn’t remember how to get back to site. Question …is anyone else unable to lay on their pillow or any side of their head because they feel like their head is going to pop like a balloon? If so has your doctor given you a diagnosis? I was diagnosed with myofasical pain and fibromyalgia knots, muscle spasms never ending but no one is telling me this is part of that diagnosis the Rhuemy and neurologist are just looking at me and typing and saying hmmm mmmmhuh… Are there muscles surrounding my brain if so could they be doing this or causing this ?

I would try to rule out cranial neuralgias. If it's a "feeling" or "sensation" it could be caused by an either damaged nerve or one that is being compressed by a vein or vessel. BensFriends has a patient community...Living with TN (Trigeminal Neuralgia) and on that site they have a face pain info tab at the top of the page that you may be able to find something relative to your question.

I hope this helps.you.

Be sweet to yourself!

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Thank you soo much I feel like I have some direction God bless you.