What is the best thing you have ever done for yourself?

It could be becoming a mother, visiting to the place of your dreams, an advanced education, adopting a pet... Then tell me what you have done for yourself lately! I really don't think we are good to ourselves often enough! So tell me what you have in mind!

One of the best things I have ever done for myself is to make my home kid friendly, or maybe even fun friendly. When we bought this house we would buy each other swing sets and basketball hoops and balls, bikes for us and for the kids, board games for our birthdays or anniversaries. We actually won a Wii, that had been great fun. We have what they like to play with and clothes, coats and boots for them, and beds for them. If you build it, they will come, just like Costner said!

I love to be surrounded with the children I love and this has been what keeps me going, having something good to eat never hurts either. It keeps them coming back, and having them come keeps me going, and happy!

Hmmm, great question, SK! I think becoming a mom ranks probably as number one. When I had my daughter, my life changed. It took the focus off of me because now I had this little innocent baby to look after and that brought out the best in me. I had purpose for my life, finally. That was 25 years ago. Now what have I done lately? I took myself (and my daughter and mom) out to a nice restaurant overlooking a lake we have here. The scenery was fantastic. However, I did get a speeding ticket (I went 52 in a 40 mph limit) but it was on a freeway and I was keeping up with the flow of traffic! The cops were out everywhere, it was almost an ambush! lol. But, I enjoyed the meal and company, at least. : ) Thanks for asking and sharing!

Hi luvjc, I agree, having my son was surely the brightest light of my life, he is laden with work and responsibilities, I don't get to see him as often as the grandkids, but I love him like no other! He will always be my favorite guy!

Sounds like you had a lovely time at the lake front restaurant, ticket or not! They must have had a quota to make or someone got into a serious car accident on that road recently. Glad you could overlook it and still realize what a good time you had spending time with loved ones. It doesn't get any better than that!

Thank YOU for sharing, and responding! We all need to look at the good things in our lives and embrace them.

Your welcome! and I agree, we all need to look at what we have, the good things, and embrace them. With chronic pain, it's hard to do that sometimes. I get wrapped up in my own pain, depression, and loneliness that it's hard to appreciate the positives! My family relationships are difficult, to say the least. My daughter is angry with me half the time and my mom's favorite is my brother. When the two of them are together here at the house, I'm all but ignored. They have no idea how much that hurts. And both think I'm a hypochondriac, so..... but nevertheless, I try to get along as best I can with them and when my daughter is not mad at me, we have a good relationship. It's those good times I hold on to. Particularly when I think about her babyhood and childhood, how close we were. She needed me then and that felt priceless. : )

You two will be close again, the transition of childhood into adolescence into adulthood is difficult. She will soon realize that you have always been her best friend.

Having my son, Lennon, has to top the list, but many years were wasted over his father fighting for custody. (Think Leeann Rimes for the new wife and Eddie for my ex and you pretty well have it.) I just wish I could have enjoyed those formative years of his with him more, instead of custody stuff. I'm sorry to put sorrowful stuff in with happy but they go hand in hand here. But Lennon is my pride and joy and he's so good with his grand-mother. I wish he lived with me instead of my mom, but then again, she needs him more. And his college is down in Florida. So I do get to see him when I visit mom. So - win/win!

I also wrote a mystery novel and if I ever can stop working, I'll focus on trying to get it published, even on the internet. I would love it! Would love to do it while my mom could see it and be proud of it.

Another thing I did was go on a trip to New Orleans alone about 15 years ago. I was an Anne Rice fan and got to see a glimpse of her plus her house during the visit. I also took a night time carriage ride through the city so I could see all of it without worry. I met someone who was having a voodoo wedding who invited me to attend. As curious as I was (and I was!) I was leaving the next day so I declined. I also got to see Jackson Square, where the slaves once danced. You could still feel their energy there. And I also visited the old above ground cemeteries, which were beautiful in their own right.

I'd still love to visit Europe again. Italy or Spain would be perfect. Mmmmm...sitting out on a balcony in the warm sun with a nice glass of wine and my computer and dogs...

Is this too much? Well, it was fun to reminisce! Thanks, SK.

My best thing was havin my 3 wonderful ,handsome boys!!!! And my sweetheart Cassie (she is a long-haired chiuaa) she is such a comfort !

Sounds so wonderful, SK! Idyllic even. The kids must love visiting you. I know I would, even as an adult.

Having (great) grand-children must be so delightful. I don't know how you keep up the energy to keep going with them but you do. Kudos to you.

My long-haired Chihuahua Petunia says hello to your wonderful Cassie!

HELLO (Woof Woof!)

Ohhhh, Petunia, that baby of yours is precious! What a little doll.....I LOVE dogs (which I call babies). Oh, what a sweet face!!!! How old is she? That is an incredible painting, did you do it? If so, you are so talented. I'm an artist but I my medium is not painting, I draw faces with graphite pencils. Oh what a cutie pattuti... : )

Thank you, SK. I know you're right. Everyone tells me she will come around as she matures. She's all wrapped up in her boyfriend of 3 years (who won't marry her so I ask myself why but that's her business, I guess). She works full time, too, and has fibro and sjrogrens (probably misspelled that) so she's tired all the time. I'll just bide my time and wait til she matures. Somehow I think she will really know how I feel only when she has a child of her own. That's the only way you can really understand that kind of motherly love!

Here's a few of my portraits but they aren't as good as that painting!

1759-Marilyn.JPG (145 KB)

Ooops, only did one. I'm new at this attachment thing.

1756-Lucy.JPG (183 KB) 1757-Reagan.JPG (161 KB) 1758-Jesus.JPG (43.6 KB)

My mother and I are astonished with your work, it's just perfect. There is absolutely no question who they are, or in your perfect skill and talent! WOW!!!

Oh, what a dear little dog, looks like she's a character too! Is this Duncan Joe's GF?

Really? Thank you. Want to try and guess a few more? : )

Ok, here's a few more....... Hmmm, two of them didn't say it was a JPG so I don't know how those are going to open up. We'll see.

1753-angeloftheLord (127 KB) 1754-Jim1.JPG (197 KB) 1755-bette (213 KB)

Hi SK - Great comment! This is a hard one for me because I am always thinking of others - but I am getting much better at taking care of myself more. One of the best things I did lately - as of about 3 weeks ago, was to end my toxic relationship with my friend Carol. I was her caregiver and friend for a long time and finding out that she was an alcoholic - which I suspected, she had lied to me about so many things. I was pretty stressed in our relationship and many times I would take her places, even though I was very sore, to where she wanted or needed to go. She is now pretty much stranded with no one to take her to the bank, grocery shopping and doctors appointments. I can't worry about it anymore. I am now relieved of my duties to Carol, I actually sleep better (when I can!) and I am more calm now. I needed this badly - but didn't really pay attention to it until I ended my friendship with Carol. Love, Laurie

LOL, she's actually quite a little flirt, so she giggles around Duncan Joe plus Johnnie Cake (my boy chihuahua.) She says that she's an actress and her sister, Daisy Rose, is a ballerina (Daisy Rose dances and pirrouettes on two legs when I get home.)

LOL, nope, I didn't do it. I confiscated it off of the internet as it closely resembles Petunia Jane...but it's not her. Luvjc, I love dogs too. They are the sweetest, most loyal and innocent of creatures. Oh, and she and her sister, Daisy Rose are both 2 and 1/2. And Johnnie Cake is 3. I think I'm right on the dates...lol, isn't it sad when you can't even remember when you got your dogs?

Did you draw the Marilyn portrait? Oh my goodness, you are SO good! It's amazing, the likeness. And it catches her spirit too, you know? It must be fun to catch the essence of a person by drawing their face. Every feature has a story to tell, the lips, the nose, even the eyebrows. Every single feature gets lived in, so you can read the person's personality in them.

I agree with SK about your daughter. Time will help her to understand you better, that and having children of her own. Someday she'll see and understand the sacrifices you've made and the reasons behind your decisions...but you know, that maturity can take a long time to come for some of us! (Took me 50 years to really "get" some stuff.) Just do the best you can and keep mothering as best as you can. Love is built on that.


Petunia Girl and

Petunia Jane (the dog)