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What is the best pillow for fibromyalgia?

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has recommendations as to which pillow works the best for people with fibromyalgia. My pillow I have is too firm. And another pillow I have is too soft. This sounds like the story Goldy Locks and the Three Bears. I need a pillow that’s just right. Thanks everyone! And I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!,:hatching_chick::rabbit2::rabbit:


It’s a hit and miss thing and everyone has to keep trying for their body/neck/head. I found a tempurpedic pillow with a curve in it and it fits my neck good and I’ve been using it for probably 15 yrs.

Perhaps have a look at buckwheat pillows.
They seem to work well for me when I get bad neck pain.
Good luck with the crazy times.

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This is so hard :blush:… i always liked the older pillows, cause the newer super thick ones hurt my neck…mine are so old…but the thick ones , i just cannot use…

I have been wondering about one called the pancake pillow, cause it comes in layers that can be removed…


Hi everyone! Thanks for your suggestions. I just went on Amazon and purchased a Lofe pancake pillow. They have a large variety of pancake pillows on Amazon. Some of them have layers of pillows to adjust the height and softness. Other pillows allow you to remove the materials inside the pillow and adjust it to your needs. I have never even heard of a pancake pillow until today. Hope it works well. If not, I know I can return it.