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What is the best pillow for fibromyalgia?

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has recommendations as to which pillow works the best for people with fibromyalgia. My pillow I have is too firm. And another pillow I have is too soft. This sounds like the story Goldy Locks and the Three Bears. I need a pillow that’s just right. Thanks everyone! And I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!,:hatching_chick::rabbit2::rabbit:


It’s a hit and miss thing and everyone has to keep trying for their body/neck/head. I found a tempurpedic pillow with a curve in it and it fits my neck good and I’ve been using it for probably 15 yrs.

Perhaps have a look at buckwheat pillows.
They seem to work well for me when I get bad neck pain.
Good luck with the crazy times.

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This is so hard :blush:… i always liked the older pillows, cause the newer super thick ones hurt my neck…mine are so old…but the thick ones , i just cannot use…

I have been wondering about one called the pancake pillow, cause it comes in layers that can be removed…


Hi everyone! Thanks for your suggestions. I just went on Amazon and purchased a Lofe pancake pillow. They have a large variety of pancake pillows on Amazon. Some of them have layers of pillows to adjust the height and softness. Other pillows allow you to remove the materials inside the pillow and adjust it to your needs. I have never even heard of a pancake pillow until today. Hope it works well. If not, I know I can return it.

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I use a pocket sprung pillow. Once I got used to it, it is the most comfortable pillow I have ever had. It supports my neck as well as my head. It did take me a few weeks to say I really like it. You do not need to pump it up as the springs just stay the same. I have used ordinary pillows but don’t sleep well.

What is it about pillows??? I’m still trying to find a comfortable pillow. :woman_facepalming: The pancake pillow didn’t work for me. I have one pillow that is too soft and one pillow that is too hard. Today, I’m going to take the pillow I just recently purchased, and take some of the chopped up memory foam pieces out and see if I can make the pillow just right. Doesn’t this sound like the children’s book called The Three Little Bears??

Fibro being for individualists :wink: (whatever, praps you know what I’m saying) I have a very individual pillow: It always had to be small for lying on the side, which doesn’t work well anymore because of various pains, mainly in joints. You know, I bet: You lie down in a really comfy position, snuggle in, breathe in deeply, and one or two minutes later something starts hurting. And again. And Again… That’s better when I lie on my back, and my nose doesn’t fill as quickly from the middle of the night on, but something like my soft palate blocks and start making tiny noises and feeling funny. So I have to sleep half on my belly, but my neck aches quickly if it has to be turned too much, so I have to lie face down, but my face then hurts. So now my small pillow has to be squashed and put under one half of my face in such a way that it doesn’t press into my throat… Aaand I always needed a hard mattress for my back, but since fibro that became a pain in the … back and everywhere, so I’ve put a thin soft topping over it which is just fine for everything except my kyphosis in the thoracic spine. So I came up with the idea of putting a small spelt cushion into my big pillow case too, which I can put under the thorax when I need it for 10 minutes. These 2 “pillows”, one bigger, one tiny, I can now adjust when sleeping on my back so I am supported more to the one side than the other, which helps the palate problem.
Now I guess that doesn’t sound like 3 Bears anymore, or like anything that could help you, but I should think it definitely sounds like … fibro… :-/

It truly DOES sound like sleeping with fibro, JayCS! Maybe there needs to be a 4th & 5th bear in the story! BTW, welcome to the community! It looks like you will have a lot of great ideas for us :blush:
Question - Do you wake up in the same position that you fell asleep in? I ask b/c I tend to move around a lot in my sleep. (So does my hubby - I’m often afraid we’re going to squish our little dog, who sleeps between us, but she is pretty resilient!)

Pillows again! So I took some of the memory foam pieces out which helped a little. My goal today…take out more foam pieces. I am determined to make this pillow work somehow. I also know that a perfect pillow, unlike The Three Little Bears, may never happen. When I move during the night, I wake up because it hurts. It’s 1:30 pm and I’m still in bed because of a flare. I really think the weather and temperatures affect my Fibro a lot. When it’s hot outside, my body hurts less.

Yes, Freedom (I love your user name, btw), you are right!! This cold front moving across much of the nation has already started moving through my body. LOL - Who needs a weather man when you have arthritis & fibro?!!
Good luck on finding just the right amount of foam. I am sorry for your pain, and totally understand - Sending gentle hugs - Feel better soon! :purple_heart:

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Hi, AussieMom, thx v much for the welcome! :sunny:
I do have a whole lot of ideas :-), just keeping the hand brake on for starters… :wink:
I’ve worked very intensely & eventually fairly successfully on a whole load of my fibro-symptoms in the last year. And become very successful with all my others symptoms, esp. back, gut, skin & fears, but fibro’s made my back more difficult.
But I’m here because I’m looking for even more ideas & support to try to work again soon, after 30+ good, but helpless docs and not particularly helpful 2-week-stays in a rheum. and (probably) a pain clinic… I get ideas talking to others better… :upside_down_face: -
btw - because of that I tend to write “too much” tho, should I keep posts short here?

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Whoops, forgot to answer the question…
I’ve always moved around quite a bit at night, but fibro has made it very hard staying in one position, whether going to sleep, and again and again (waking 3-8x per night) and while sleeping.
Also at daytime, but there if I find a good position it’s hard getting going after 10 minutes - my “morning stiffness” lasts all day… sigh
Just visualizing how doggy keeps do(d)ging flailing arms & legs :laughing:

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Hi, JayCS! LOL - You made me laugh with that last comment! But, seriously, I do understand “all day” morning stiffness! Fibro is rough, but I can tell that you are a fighter and a problem solver.
To answer you question about posts, you are welcome to post as long as you want. In fact, at times, we all need to do a long “I’m having a terrible time” post. Letting your feelings go, especially with others who understand, can be freeing.
And, if you want to concentrate on something new, you just start a new topic.
There is a “New user” section to read, and you can always click on a Mod Support avatar for help, as well. The moderators here are awesome!!!
Hope you have an amazing day! :blush:

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There is a pillow that is advertised on TV all the time and for the life of me, I can’t think of the name!! I’m sure someone will know what it’s called and I’ll post if I can remember the name!

Is it the My Pillow? My husband and I got these (on a discount, thank goodness!), and I really like it!

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