What is the best mattress for Fibro?

Hi everyone! It seems like I’m always asking questions. So last year I purchased a Tempurpedic mattress thinking the memory foam would be good for my fibromyalgia. It was quite expensive and… I hate it! It is not very soft but is firm and only molds to my body a little bit. I thought it would be soft like when I laid on one in the store. Has anyone found a comfortable mattress? It is very painful when I turn in bed. I know there may always be pain when turning in bed. I want a soft mattress. And not a super expensive mattress. Thank you to all who respond to all my questions.

Ah, a conversation about bedding! It’s something we all obsess about since we spend so much time in bed!

Can I ask – did you try flipping the mattress over? I’ve read that some of those memory foam mattress are softer on one side and harder on the other. I avoided memory-foam beds because they sleep warmer and I have so many temperature control issues. I’m not sure there is a perfect product for us on the market!

Other than that, I can’t recommend a specific mattress since mine isn’t very soft. I purchased a feather bed-topper and it didn’t improve the situation much. I’m not sure it’s worth the money spent.

I have to say that one great bedding purchase I made was 100% Egyptian cotton hotel-quality sheets. The sheets are buttery soft and I love them.

On other bedding discussions, my bed a series of light cotton quilts, so I can layer according to my current temperature needs.

I got rid of my memory foam pillows due to heat and I have soft bamboo pillows called the Panda Pillow. I love them!

Given all my awesome bedding, it’s ironic that I can’t even get a date…


LOL, too funny! Something that has made a big difference to me is my pure wool mattress topper. Nope, it is not too warm: I love it in the summer because it is highly absorbent. It’s also nice and cushy so no pressure points anywhere. The 100% cotton hotel quality sheets are also a must-have for me.

Speaking of must-have: must have a look at Panda Pillows … I have issues with pillows. Thanks!

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ModSupport, thanks for suggesting the pure wool mattress topper. I’m going to look into that. I’ve seen people put wool padding in strollers so that babies are comfortable, so hey, if it works for babies, it might work for me!

About 8 years ago, my, now deceased husband, insisted on a new, quite expensive, memory foam mattress. I have tried an egg crate topper, but find I can only sleep if I use my living room couch. I, too, need a new mattress and don’t know which way to go. The one my husband picked was too firm. He never quite understood how painful it was for me.

A side note: my cats love my bed!

We purchased one too and I had a hard time turning over or getting out of bed so we returned it. The one we did buy isn’t t that good either. ( not a tempurpedic). My son bought a Casper mattress and they love it.

LOVE my Sleep Number bed because I can adjust it according to how I feel. And use a pillow top mattress cover over it for even more cloud-like feeling.

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Mattresses are one of the most difficult things for a fibro patient to find. I have several beds, with different mattresses and end up bed hopping depending on how I feel. Not everyone has that option. I have a tempur-pedic, which was too hard, but then after extended use, became my favorite mattress, until it wasn’t. I have an organic wool mattress which I loved, until I didn’t. I now sleep on a Jordan Furniture tempur-pedic mattress and it is perfect, until some day it won’t be. As you can see, there really isn’t an answer to that question. You have to keep on trying and replacing mattresses after 9 years to keep your pain down. Hope you find what fits you best.

I agree mattresses are a difficult subject and hard to find the right one. My sister has a memory foam, and it’s too hard, I can’t tolerate it. I recently got a hybrid pillow top bed, which has been amazing along with a bamboo pillow, which has changed my life. Keeps me with no neck pain on most days, except when my pinched nerve flares up. Good luck on your mattress hunting, definitely would recommend going to the store on different days and lying on any contenders before committing to the purchase.

A very good idea. I am not a fan of the mattress in a box. I intend to go to look at mattresses in person.

I get the best sleep on my Sleep Number and bought some toppers to help too, bought a Sleep Number with not a lot of bells and whistles to keep costs down and it works good, been sleeping on it about 10 yrs. Best choice.

Years ago I slept on waterbeds and they were the BEST but didn’t want to mess with water anymore as I got older…I’m 81 and sleep on my back all night, 10 hrs.

Good to get opinions from others to on mattresses, I must have talked to at least 3-4 owners of Sleep Number beds…

Joyce, one of the wonderful things about our network is the wide range of ages that share and support others here.

It’s so good to hear from you! Take good care.

Seenie from ModSupport

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2 comforters (yes,just for me😝) as many pillows as I can gather swaddled around me like an infant. Mattress doesn’t even matter anymore!

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Sleep Number definitely. I’ve tried a pillow top and an Icomfort memory foam. The memory foam was terrible for my body. The sleep number is good because you can adjust it. Fyi, if you have a platform base do not purchase their base. It’s very spendy. We had a platform already and our sales lady said to add a piece of plywood to it. It’s been 2 years with no issues.

I USED to need a firm mattress, as a teen I would sleep on our wood floor. That felt SO good. now i need something soft and have been getting only 1-2 hours of sleep at a time. I have trouble turning over. The simple things in life evade me now. I recently bought a My Pillow mattress topper. I sleep 4-5 hours at a time on it !! but the drawback is I lay still and sleep, so it makes getting up extremely painful. I exchange one thing for another ! – also, I just cannot turn over in bed. I cannot get any “traction” so when I originally go to bed, I have to put myself as far to the middle as possible. (is any of this making sense to anyone?) Also i cannot lay on my left side as i have a torn rotator cuff. No surgery as am 76 and doc said surgery offers a high percent chance of infection. I feel like crying when i get up in the morning, but as the day wears on, I have food and my narcotic, moving around is easier. So, still am glad i got the topper, we supposedly “heal” as we sleep and i do get more hours of sleep.

I can’t afford an expensive mattress but did find an item online called the “Cuddle Ewe”. It’s specifically made for Fibro patients. I think you can find it by just typing Cuddle Ewe.com. I hope this helps

following up to my post just above Grammy. i also cannot turn over in bed. Having MRI this week as I have spinal stenosis and doc thinks it got worse. So the topper really helps when i first go to bed. I have been saving $$ and a couple months or so ago got an electric recliner. $900 with a $200 off coupon. Best $700 i could spend. when I cannot sleep, i move to the recliner. I keep a soft throw on it, so i can sit down, recline, cover up. I have a massaging seat/back from Bed Bath & Beyond. It was $50, but it has different settings. The recliner and vibrator puts me to sleep. vibrator shuts off automatically, and sometimes i stay asleep for another couple of hours, then back to bed. this is NOT a lift chair. just a nice recliner.