What is spooning?

Hi everyone! I recently heard the word spooning related to fibromyalgia. What exactly is spooning?

They are probably talking about The Spoon Theory written by Christine Miserandino. It’s a way to explain what it’s like to live with chronic illness to people who don’t have one. I tried to find a print copy to post but the author’s site is not available. This is a link to a video of the text. https://youtu.be/tB1qJe-YDMA


Thank you Zananne1. That was very helpful.:blush:

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For me, I have only so many steps (not spoons) in my budget. When I’m exhausted, somehow saying “I’m way over my steps budget today …” is far more effective than “I’m wiped out …”

And tomorrow I get more steps. :hugs: Hugs to you


thanks so much for the link to the spoon video! :slightly_smiling_face:

Spooning is when you are given 10 spoons to use throughout the week. If you use them up before the weeks end, you have to stop doing anything physical. That’s not the best description but if you go online and just type in "spooning’ a better description will let you know how to do it correctly. I use up my spoons way too fast because if I’m having a good day, I overdo it and pay the rest of the week.