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What is Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS)?


FMS is a physical disorder that can cause several different symptoms to occur together. It affects more women than men and usually appears after a physical trauma, infection, severe emotional stress, or in addition to another pain-causing disease (like RA, or inflammatory arthritis). However, the exact cause of FMS is not yet known. Typical symptoms include wide-spread pain or tenderness, skin sensitivity, fatigue and sleep disorders, cognitive problems or the dreaded “Fibro Fog”, and even migraine headaches. The best treatment approaches include a number of components, such as: medications, physical therapy, improving sleep, a well-rounded diet, emotional wellness, and lifestyle changes. Many FMS patients are able to find a good combination therapy and continue like their diagnosis was just a blip on the radar, while others have a difficult time finding the right treatment. To survive and thrive with FMS, one must really stay determined and continue searching until the right treatment plan is found. In spite of the difficulties that FMS can present, most fibromyalgia patients adjust to their “new normal’ and find that they are able to enjoy their lives, jobs, family and friends.

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This is great info, GrumpyCat, and you did a great job of compiling it, but I do question whether most people with FMS find that they can keep working and have a normal social life. I think that might be an optimistic statement but one that might cause those who suffer from their fibro undo stress thinking that they should be able to just get on with their lives once they have been treated.

Sorry for this message but I felt it was important to include this caveat.


I have to agree. It took away my job and social life. I can still go to the grocery store and shop some, but then home again very tired and sometimes napping again.

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Another point to remember is that we all have different degrees of pain, fatigue and other symptoms. What works for one may not work for another. It’s a challenge finding a pat solution as FMS is also always changing. Being patient and continuing to find what works best is ongoing. I too have lost my career, friends, social life and ability to find humor in things. My since of humor got me through a lot in life and it’s difficult to enjoy life as I once did. I’m working on my faith and appreciating the blessings in life. Being positive has taken on a new meaning but it’s so important! Gotta keep trying to find what works for you!

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I have also lost my career and ability to do the things that I used to. I just continue to try to find something to help me manage on a day to day basis.


How does one cope w the severe nerve pain in fibromyalgia?

I do have the Fibro Fog, and worse now because of the darn medicine, Lyrica.

Any suggestions?

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Hi, Barber girl, please post a discussion when you’re able. I want you to receive as many replies as you can by our members. I have found using a variety of techniques in coordination with one another has worked well for me in management of nerve pain symptoms- Conventional medications, mindfulness, stress management and healthy lifestyle choices.



I am feeling like I am losing this battle. I can believe the anger I have. My nerve pain is literally all over my body, except my torso. My right arm buzzes all day long and my legs, as well. My feet are so badly damaged by neuropathy and nerve pain, and I am not even diabetic. A nerve conduction study says that my nerves are all well. How can that be??

So, I have done everything known to medicine and outside of Western medicine. My mind is a mess.

Family does not understand where I am at. All they say is, "Just take your pain meds and all will be well>"

Anyone have any suggestions? Any supplements?? I m taking herbs and other things.

Praying for all of us and science to find an answer- Barber Girl


What are some medications that have made a significant impact in dealing with nerve pain? I have been on Gabapentin 300mg, 3 pills every 8 hours, for about a year now. I can definitely notice when it’s getting closer to 8 hours, or when I’ve missed a dose. But they only help slightly and I’m on the max dosage. I can’t take antidepressants. I don’t want to, and I have sooner really bad side effects on them. I’ve tried Cymbalta, Effexor XR, and Lexapro. The only one that worked without terrible side effects was Lexapro. But, nothing has shown significant relief from the daily pain. Is there something that helps more than others? I see a chiropractor once a week, go for a massage once a month, and use a handheld massager on my hips, legs, and lower back every morning. I’m still new to FMS and learning more about fibromyalgia, symptoms, “triggers”, and “flare-ups”. But any recommendations on helpful medications, alternative treatment options, therapies, etc. would be helpful to, not only, myself as well as others who might have the same question.

Thanks, and best wishes for a brighter tomorrow.


Hi, is “fibro fog” a side effect of not only fibromyalgia but also lyrica? My “fibro fog” has become alot worse now that I’m on lyrica…


Hi I have had fibro for 30 yes just lately I’m also getting muscle nerve pain all over not easy to cope with recently started getting it in face as well finding hard to cope suggestions please


Hi, I’m so sorry you are now having muscle nerve pain to you facial area. My sister has trigemenial neuralgia but she also has fibromyalgia so one of her treatments is that she gets steroid injections to her face. Idk if that would even be a possible treatment for you. Again I’m sorry but I must say 30 yrs! you are an awesome role model for those of us who are newly diagnosed. Also I would love to know how you manage with your FMS all these yrs? I have been dealing with my condition for I think 4 yrs and correctly diagnosed for a few mths and I feel like I’m going to lose my mind because of the pain, my headaches and the freaking “fibro fog.” Good luck & I hope someone has an answer for you…

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Hi andrea coping has been difficult tried every pain killer going some bring relief others not hot baths distraction is the biggest thing at the moment im not on any pain relief at. The moment awaiting blood results for liver the pain is driving me insane feel like im losing the battle & no one will listen to mehhow bad the pain is so sorry that ur struggling there is good bad days even if just for few hrs its a relief


Ya I tell my husband that I enjoy the hour or whatever I had without my headache. And he always says for me to take my meds. He means well but doesn’t understand that just bc I take them doesn’t mean the pain goes away. So sometimes I just tell him what he wants to here but I don’t take anything.
Is it your doctor’s that aren’t hearing you in regards to how intense your pain is? My sister had that problem too. Nobody believed her when she told her docs she had TN, she had to video tape her having a flare up for them to believe how intense the pain was. Pain is suppose to be the 5th vital sign and it is suppose to be what the patient says it is but it doesn’t seem that way.


Most definitely the doctors just moved house new doctors & I tell my husband how I’m feeling but it feels as though he not listening so I feel what’s the point in saying anything to him I think the only people who understand is the people who are going through it themselves


Sorry you aren’t being heard. Right now I’m blessed that my PCP & rheumatologist listen to me. My PCP is a little more understanding and caring. My rheumatologist is more of a get to the point so I can move on kind of Dr. But will still hear what I’m saying I just have to say what I mean right off the bat. My husband well he means well & he listens but he wants me to take a pill for what hurts bc he hates to hear that I’m hurting. He doesn’t understand or know what FMS actually is & what I’m really going thru, I have not sat down with him to explain it bc I feel weird doing that. I feel like I’m saying “look at me, this is what I have, feel bad for me.” He is a disabled Vet. He lives with pain too among other problems so Idk I just feel weird telling him what I’m actually going thru. I just know husbands are way different from us, we think from our heart first and alot of men are more logical thinkers.


That’s very true of men they try to understand bless them I sat mine down yesterday & explained it all to him & how I was feeling with the pain he’s trying but he tends to be over caring at times but I suppose thàts better than not at all

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Hi Dave, i was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I’ve been in pain for quite a few years, because I also have osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, among other autoimmune disorders, I’ve been under the care of a Rheumatalogist, for quite sometime. When I went to see her about a month ago because of excruciating pain and a burning sensation on my body, she diagnosed with fibromyalgia and Prescribed the Gabapentin. I researched this drug on line, and there were too many negative comments that really scared me, and that eventually you have to increase the dosage as you go along. I decided not to take it. I started researching the CBD oil, a lot of users had great experience with it. I am trying it right now, along with over the counter arthritis pain reliever. I don’t know if it will work or not, but I’ll try all my options first, will take prescription drugs as a last resort.


I also see a chiropractor twice a week, and was prescribed pool therapy which I’ll be starting in 2 weeks, and a massage once a month, hopefully, I’ll see some results.


Hello! For years I was having test after test to figure out what was wrong till my orthopedic dr told me it was Fibro and I needed to see a Rheumotologist. She put me on Gabapentin 300 mg, once in the morning when I get up, then another 300 mg at around 3:30 then before bedtime I take 2 pills 400 mg each, as I have insomnia the gabepentin helps me get drowsy along with it helping my nerve pain. Depending on the pain scale, I also have pain meds to take as needed. It gives me about 3 hrs of rest before I start getting pain and stiffness and I start rolling in the bed to try and get comfortable, then I have to get up.
There is side effects with the Gabapentin as well but I would rather stay on it than to try anything else. I have Fibro, osteoarthritis, meniers, (tinnitus included in both ears) insomnia and all of this brought on depression.
Since October 2017 I have plantar fasciitis. Not being able to walk is just as bad as everything else I have. I feel I ruin everyone’s fun cause I can’t walk for a long time.
How my morning is when I get up determines my day. Yesterday I felt good after having about 4 days straight of bad days. But I had to use determination to polish the furniture in the living room and sweep. I had to set down a couple times but I had to finish. That was it for any activity rest of the day. I have learned to not over do it cause I will pay for it with pain.
I would love to get massages but I’m afraid I will punch them when they start touching my skin as it hurts to touch sometimes. Going to try and get up the nerve to go to a pool and do water therapy but I haven’t met or read anyone having done that and what their outcome was.
Thanks and have a blessed day!