What helps you keep your mind off of pain?

For me I don't like taking pain medication unless I really need to. I meditate, use "Mind over matter" (in which I mastered), Breathing exercises (looks like I'm giving birth though, I get made fun of from friends which is okay lol I do look funny). And I will sit for hours writing the alphabet in different styles (I do this often for as I am an insomniac amd all my friends/ family are healthy functioning members of society) Also for those of you that get bad muscle cramps as I do caused by Fibro or MPS Like myself or even if your a woman and are going through your cycle taking a swig or two of Dill pickle brine gets rid of them almost immediately the vinegar in it is what does it. Try it. It really does work. Also those of us that get migraines and headaches, Take the Rhine of a orange peel and place a large chunk of it on your forehead with the white on contact with your skin and hold it there by tying a bandanna, hat, or beanie around your head in 25 min or less I guarantee it will work or at least make it significantly better. These things I've been doing for years. Try it. The worst that will happen is that it wont work for you. all of these things are inexpensive and have worked for myself and the others I've got to try. To reiterate, what do you do to cope with pain?

My dogs help keep my mind off of the pain. They're both chihuahua mixes and very snuggly. A good book, games on pogo or Dailybreak, a good tv show, and making a nest of soft pillows also helps me take my mind off of the pain. I get physical therapy right now that includes ultra sound on my knees. That helps too.

If you have alot of cramping, what has worked for me is magnesium supplementation. I finally found one, recommended by my doctor, that doesn't totally upset and burn my stomach. It's called Natural Calm magnesium powder. You just put it in water and it fizzes, mix it and drink it. Sort of tastes like seltzer water, but it comes in flavors too. I take it an hour before bedtime. It relaxes me and I don't get all those leg and abdominal cramps during the night, helps me sleep.

To take my mind off pain, well same as you do, but I pray and do just about anything to busy my hands and mind. Play with the cat I have. That helps, she's non-judgemental. :') Epsom salt tub baths help. I don't take any meds anymore. Got off of those by changing my diet to an anti-inflamatory diet, so my pain is not horrible like it used to be and I can do alot more without flaring up. Much, much better now.

Have you had good testing for Lyme Disease? Just wondering.

I believe your ability and approach work. You should tell Cindi on another thread here who attended her first Pain Management Class where these techniques were started and was pissed off that they weren’t talking About meds!

TV, computer, peppermint oil is the best, my dogs, soaking hot baths-I’m out of Epsom salts, talking to my boyfriend, ordering things

I don't take anything unless I have to as well. I have a TENS unit I use at times for more concentrated pain areas. I like Epsom salt baths, listening to music or audio books, reading, playing games on Big Fish Games, and watching movies. My kids and I play cards or board games. I use a heating pad and sometimes ice also.

I use Arnica Gel topically for any pain or ache that I have. It soaks in quickly and doesn't smell either. It works great too! I found out that to have it work well I have to rub it in hard (almost to where it hurts). It takes ache and pain away. Very few times when it hasn't I do it again (2 applications work well).

You can get it over the counter. I buy mine at Whole Foods (Health food store). Any brand works!

For my Grandkids I put it in the glove compartment and use it for bumps so they won't bruise. I haven't taken a spill in a while but I used to use this when I fell so I wouldn't bruise too.

When it's really bad I put the TV or the radio on and make myself hyperfocus on it, when the program is over I try to meditate. I try to remind myself I'm still alive and have a life to live and look around and find something to do. My cats, cooking, reading, calling someone I care about, or writing are all activities that help me at home. Work is probably my best pain reliever, I'm usually too busy to hurt!

I’m so busy…thats my focus I guess. And, I have an attitude. I figure this body is going to hurt anyway do I’m doing what I want anyway. Well, for the most part anyway. Most days consist of going to work, taking care of 3 of my very young grandchildren, dinnetv baths. The worst thing is lately my hands have been severely compromised, I can barely pick up the babies. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, the littlest doesn’t walk yet and the middle can walk but doesn’t listen real well yet. I wouldn’t trade for anything. I do feel blessed for having these children in my life everyday!

What is an anti-inflammatory diet? What does it consist of?


I have a discussion on this. I bumped it up for you to see. :')