What has Fibromyalgia taught you?

My answers…:
Taking … my … time!
Realizing that life really is possible and enjoyable without doing anything much or even defining or justifying myself & my existence by what I am managing to do.
Like the philosopher Diogenes in his tub who asks Alexander to please go out of the sun. Or the man sitting around enjoying the sunset and being asked by an industrialist, why he doesn’t do lots of things to earn a lot of money, to be able to sit around doing nothing. All the clever stories we heard and thought: yeah, right, but I can’t just stop. Now I can, altho I thought I was in the prime of my life two years ago, never been so healthy, so fit, so happy, so successful…

It’s a bit like being told you’ve only got so long to live and using this time to the full. Only the other way round: You only have so much energy & painfreeness, so you can enjoy every single second of it, you can’t go berserk, you have to enjoy the small things, like I enjoy my 3yo granddaughter, and enjoy the things she enjoys, like taking 30 mins. to walk a distance I used to think takes 3 mins. to walk, because each flower & bird is just so interesting or a small mound of earth is the stage for the most wonderful cute musical star of the world (with the loudest & clearest of voices!) or we can think together about how the sun is the biggest possible fire and the colour of the sunset is maybe a wonderful mixture of orange and pink.

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Hi, JCS!
Thank you for this uplifting post & topic. I needed it today - It is a hard day to keep going. I have a little granddaughter, also, and she brings me happiness even when I’m hurting.

Things FMS has taught me:
I am more of a fighter than I thought I was.
I’m not as optimistic as I thought I was, but, that is okay, b/c I’m being honest about it.
I have a greater love and respect for my partner.
I should cherish every “good” moment.
I should laugh more, as it means that FMS isn’t winning!
It is okay to cry.
And (thanks to this site), I am not alone.

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