What do you like most about your Doctor?

I have three Doctors that I see, routinely, an Internist, a Rheumatologist, and a Chiropractor, I'm really not sure if I like their skill, their kindness, or their humor the most. I'm actually very glad that they have all of those qualities.

I see a rheumatologist, neurologist, and pain medicine doctor. After seeing countless doctors over the years I am so glad I've finally found the ones who treat me and don't want to reinvent the wheel every time I go in. They take their time, listen to me, and don't come in with a preconceived notion of how things "should" be. I'd love to live somewhere else close to the ocean ( I'm 5 hours away from it), but would never move because I would never want to go searching for doctors again.

I went to probably 20 doctors before I found someone that would help me. The use of drug abuse has really made it hard on us people who really suffer everyday. My doctor has tried me on many things that helped but really didn't work.
Finally, he put me on the patch. It is amazing! I feel better physically than I have in probably 2 or 3 years. I recommend the patch to anyone. To the best of my knowledge, the patch doesn't affect your liver. At least, I hope not. I do take Milk Thistle to cleanse my liver, just in case. Everyone should try this if they are on narcotics. Bless you for your thoughts.

What kind of patch? Does it get rid of your pain completely? Do you have to take any other pain medicine? Just wondering because I don't want to increase my dosage for my pain medicine, but it's beginning not to work as well. Thanks!

What I love about my rheumatologist is that he cares enough about me to be honest with me. He'll call me on my BS and help me get to where I need to be. He is also incredible at knowing what side effects can occur if I add or subtract a medication. I am continually amazed at how he can make the smallest adjustment and that is the answer.

I have another doctor who calls me back within five minutes regardless of the time of day. He'll call prescriptions in for me based on symptoms of conditions I have repeatedly. I also like the fact that his is a full service office - offering everything from on-site labs to a sleep center, internal medicine, pulminary medicine, rheumatology, critical care medicine, gastroenterology, edocrinology and dermatology (and all this is an in network on my insurance!)

Elizabeth, you , like I, have grown a tolerance for probably pain meds like me. Lorcet! This patch is called Fentanyl patch. It is also an opiod pain reliever. He started me out on 25mg. The good thing about this patch is that it supplies continuous pain relief. No more waking up in the morning in pain! And you can't even tell you are on something. It doesn't make you feel goofy or high or anything, just wonderful relief. I wish I had tried it 3 years ago before I got so bad. As you know, we get older everyday, and the patch could have helped my quality of life. But at least I have blessed relief now.

My GP and Rheumatologist because they treat me , not just the Fibromyalgia. I am a living, breathing person to them. Now my neurologist is an arrogant, rude man....and none of his patients has anything nice to say about him.




It would be heaven to wake up and not have to wait hours for the medicine to kick in. I'm going to ask about it on my next visit. ;-)

I forgot to mention my love clinical psychologist, the Occupational Therapist and the lovely Physio that run the Pain management clinic. These lovely ladies never give up until they find something that helps.

A great support team makes a big difference.



Oh, I certainly understand this wholeheartedly!

I lived on the beach once and it's wonderful in one way, yet the 'vacation party mode' that you are surrounded by gets old after a while, then you move inland for some peace!

The patch I'm familiar with is Fentanyl, but I'm not sure if this is what tired is using!

I have to be blood tested every 2 months, and it is due to the fact that I take Daypro, an anti-inflammatory, they are the big ones as far as possible liver and kidney problems.

Wow, I'm impressed, Marc! Glad you have this!

I know MIMI, my Internist is the same way, he's been through so much with me over the years, and always sends me to who he thinks is the best!

Hang onto them, Tracy! I'm glad you have them.

So glad you have mostly kind and effective care. Hopefully your Neuro is so brilliant you can look over his personality, kanga!

This is good news, crynsugar! I'm so glad you have such a good team! That's priceless!

My favorite drs are my psychiatrist, my gastric disease disease doctor, and my pain doctor. I respect their knowledge in their fields, their personalities, and their treatments. They also make me laugh when there is no good news.

My primary care physician is actually a Physician's Assistant. I like him because he is compassionate, he listens, he takes time with me, and he doesn't prescribe pills willy-nilly--he understands that I am allergic to many many prescription medications. I also go to a psychiatrist, she is a doll, sweet, friendly she, too listens, Nd her motto is "if it ain't broke don't fix it", meaning if my meds are working for me she is not going to change them. I know I am very lucky to have these two docs, I have been through a lot of doctors before I found them.

Sadly he isn't but everyone else is.



I have access to the University of Maryland Medical System in Baltimore, MD. I have an internist, a pain management doctor, & a neurologist, all of whom take the time to listen to me before they suggest a treatment plan, involving me in the decision. I have had several pain doctors but the one I have now has done more for me than any of the previous doctors. I also have a psychiatrist who is very compassionate with me.