What are your experiences with Lyrica pregabalin?

I got put on Lyrica about 4 weeks ago, I got told I needed to be on it for 3 months then they'd review my situation
But it's made me worse! I also have joint hypermobility syndrome and it's caused that to get MUCH worse, I crack and have dislocations more frequently. My hyper sensitivity to pain has gotten much worse and it's heart breaking to not be able to hug my boyfriend on bad days, I have to sit at the other side of the sofa to him because to slightly brush past him is agony. I got told my fibro came on because of the stress of my Joint HMS so I'm not sure if I'm just genuinely getting worse fast, or the Lyrica has helped it along it's way. I've also put on weight, my face looks puffy and I feel disgusting. I eat pretty healthily but I just feel so bloated and horrible on these tablets which is making leaving the house and seeing people terrifying for me :/
The only good thing that's come out of taking it is my terrible anxiety has improved just slightly since I've been taking the tablets but feeling manic has become more frequent.
My doctor is away for 2 weeks so I can't talk to him about it, so I decided to have a go at lowering my dose my self to see if that helped. I'm on two 75mgs a day, so I thought if I could get it to one a day, I might be able to see some improvement and I'd get back to how I was, even if then I was bad, on the tablets I'm much worse. I decided to skip my yesturday morning tablet to see how my body would take it, but within four hours I felt VERY sick and shakey and manic and felt such an urge to have to take them, it was horrible, I ended up taking them.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Does Lyrica make you worse before you get better? If so I need to know if it's worse sticking out it's horrible side effects? and how do you wean yourself off without such nasty addiction withdrawel symtoms?

Hi Katie,

One of Lyrica's side effects is joint and muscle pain, which could affect the HMS. But it should be helping the nerve sensitivity, not making it worse. It's also known for weight gain, at a pretty rapid rate too. And I agree that skipping the pill was withdrawal, which can be a nightmare in itself. With the doctor out of town, you're in a tough position -- does he have someone covering for him that you could talk to? With all of these side effects, it might be a good idea, because you're going to be miserable for the next 2 weeks like this!

I don't know specifically about the withdrawal duration of Lyrica, but with Neurontin, which is the same type of medicine, I hear it's pretty rough. I'm on Neurontin, and I hate it, but I'm afraid to stop it because of this!

I would give his office a call and see if they can provide some further help, because 2 weeks is a long time!


Yeah the sensitivity is so much worse :( I can't deal with the weight gain, I'm feeling so ridiculously horrible about myself I don't want to leave the house and have people see me, my mum said there's no difference in me, so does my boyfriend, but I myself feel disgusting.
He does have people covering, but it's one other doctor who didn't listen to me when I told her I had fibro, it was only till I went to the doctor who's away I actually got some help so I'm really reluctant to go back to her.
How long did the withdrawal symptoms last for you?

Soft Hugs :)

Hey Katie. I’m sorry your going through such a hard time. I personally tried lyrica and hated it. I felt the same kind of symptoms you are now. I got off of it and tried a number of different fibromyalgia medications but none of them worked (for me personally, but there are many others that it has worked for). I currently only take soma, which is a muscle relaxer and that gets me by.
Hope you get something that works better for you!
Prayers and blessings!

I don't remember withdrawal symptoms from Lyrica, it was a long time ago. Uh oh, take a look at this: http://neurotalk.psychcentral.com/thread132645.html

I TOTALLY understand how you feel about weight gain - I am doing the same thing, I am so disgusted that I don't want to go anywhere that I might know someone, I won't even visit family... and this is all just making me more depressed and anxious than usual.

Even though the covering doctor didn't want to discuss Fibro, maybe she will help when she hears about all the reactions you're having. You don't have to listen to her if you don't like what she has to say !

I’m taking lyrica 500 mg a day and it has helped my pain a little I have noticed some weight gain but not symptoms like you, I would try talking to another doctors office or a doctor that’s available to give you advise I had a rough last 4 days so I know how u feel much love

Poster child for all the symptoms they warm you about. My neurologist said, “My God Robin is that you?”, when I went back to see him. My eyes were swollen shut, my lips were puffed out to my nose, and I had gained 30 lbs. He had me put it on my allergic list of meds and gave me a shot. He kept a close eye on me. My face went down within a week. It took about 2 months to get the weight off.

Lyrica is in the same group of drugs as neurotin and gabepentin I have horrible side effect from these drugs weight gain ,feeling worse,But what made me quit was the stammering and the ticks,with odd facialand lipmovements .I regonized it right away .I had told the doctors about this but they didn't believe it I guess till he saw it.It makes me angry they see you can't take one and decide that it is okay to put you on it to see if you will get the same or they thought you were lying either way it is abusive.Tardive dyskinsia can be permanenrt and unable to be helped .It is disgusting and heartbreaking,youtr smack your lips make odd movements all the Nsaid I have taken started doing this to me after three and a half weeks .I will never take another one.I gained 25 pounds in that mounth.

Dear Katie,

Lyrica is a drug that must be tapered down slowly. Your situation is complicated by the HMS and the ? worsening with Lyrica. It seems you are going through withdraw and even though your doctor is away for two weeks, can you see if he has someone covering his call? Lyrica comes in 50mg and perhaps you need to do something like 75mg/50mg for a week then go to 50mg twice a day. But I do not know your whole history so you need to speak with a doc.

You might be right in thinking that the fibro is getting worse fast and perhaps you need more Lyrica. My pains did not go away until I was on 150 mg twice a day. So you are kinda stuck. The puffy face and weight gain can be the Lyrica as it is the number one side effect.

I pray you can get in touch with someone who can help. Good luck


I was on Lyrica for almost 2 years. I felt no relief from the pain and I gained a lot of weight which I am still struggling with. It has a lot of side effects. I believe it's rate of effectiveness is only slightly higher than the placebo rate. I am not a fan.

Hi Katie,

I have occasionally forgotten to take my PM dosage of Lyrica and ended up in agonizing pain that lasted into the following day, even after I'd taken my next AM dose. Yes, I've gained a bunch of weight but I think that came from another one of my fibro meds.

I would suggest that you wait until your doctor gets back until you change dosage or go off Lyrica as it looks like it's going to be a difficult transition off of it, from what you've described.

I think it's possible that your fibro got worse suddenly - of course, it's also possible that the Lyrica has adversely affected you. But do be aware that fibro can worsen quickly. A few weeks ago I was still delivering meals to my elderly clients, climbing up lots of stairs and doing quite a bit of walking, even though it was nearly impossible. Now I simply drive while my son delivers the meals for the summer. I can feel exhaustion rolling in on me 1/2 way through the trip, even though I'm just driving. I can't believe how little it takes to exhaust me now. Fibro is very nasty in how it keeps getting worse.

I truly wish you well in this. None of us should have to suffer terrible withdrawal symptoms when we come off some of our fibro meds and it kills me that no one warns us that this can happen.

Good luck,


It should be interesting to see what others say in response to your letter.

Hi Katie,

I am so sorry you are going through such a rough time with Lyrica and your doctor is away for two weeks. I did not do well on Lyrica, Savella, Neurontin or Cymbalta. The side effects were too much for me to handle and I was much worse on those meds then normal. I take Xanax which is a very addictive medication and did a withdrawal under doctor's supervision very slowly. My suggestion is if you feel worse and want to withdraw do it so slowly until your doctor comes back and you can speak to him/her about all you are experiencing. A quarter of a pill or half a pill might work and you may not feel so well but better then you do now. I took steroids for awhile and understand the weight gain problem and the bloated feeling. I understand the frustration of speaking to a doctor who just doesn't get what you are going through also or feels they can heal you. Just take it easy if possible for the next two weeks and since calling your doctor doesn't seem to be an option maybe you could call the office and speak to the nurse. The nurse might be able to help you find a temporary solution or did you try speaking to a pharmacist. Good luck and hang in there! When I went through withdrawal from a stronger dose of xanax my pharmacist did help me understand what was happening to my body which helped me fight the urge for a pill. I feel so bad for you and understand your frustration and have been there myself. Seriously be kind to yourself mentally and physically!!!!!!!!!!!! It is very upsetting to me to hear when a person has a condition and the doctor is unavailable.

Very gentle hugs to you and may these two weeks pass quickly!


Hi OhDearKatie. Oh man, You are miserable, aren't you? I have been taking 150 mg twice a day for several years. I had weight gain in the beginning and then after a couple of years it all came off. (But I still need to lose more.) I didn't have the side effects you are describing, but I don't suffer from any secondary conditions. The Lyrica has been very effective for me up until the last winter. I am thinking of titrating off of it.

Even though you are taking a small dose you do need to go off slowly. I have stopped and re-started before. It was very hard, but once I got thru a couple of days of withdrawl symptoms each time we lowered the dose it turned out ok. You are not stuck. You will be able to get off of it. But, you need to do it under a doctors guidance. My doctor has been very explicit in saying that it is very important to stop slowly, and I agree.

Even though you had an odd experience with the female doctor, I think you should call the office and see if you can get advice from her or a nurse. Maybe they can just call a lower dose into the pharmacy for you when they are aware of how adversely it has effected you.

Sending hugs and prayers your way. This will get better!


Aloha, I'm wondering if this was your first visit to your doctor for fibro? When the doctor first diagnosed me as having fibro, I think he gave me Cymbalta first, then Savella, and Lyrica was last. I do remember the doc telling me that I might gain weight on Lyrica. I did not do well on any of them. It took a long time to figure out what worked for me. It does not take away all the pain, but it makes you able to deal with it better. Like other people have posted, even though your doctor is not there, you should notify his nurse to get in touch with him or to see another doctor right away so they can assess your situation and give you something else that doesn't make you feel worse. It might take awhile to find the right combination, but don't be afraid to speak up. You are the only one who knows what symptoms you have taking a certain drug and if it makes you sicker, then obviously, it is not for you. Insist on getting an appointment immediately; you should not have to suffer. It's bad enough as it is w/o having more symptoms! Good luck and let us know what happens. We are all thinking of you and hoping for a better outcome for you. You are too young to have these problems. Aloha, Loraie.

Hey Katie, I ve taken it now on 3 different occasions, thinking the side effects would eventually go away… I hate to inform you, they didn’t and they got worse, I got to the point I was having major visual issues in addition to the swelling, and weight gain. But I do need to be fair, my pain did go away. So now I’m back to percosets and the dr added Prozac because I can’t talk cymbalta either. The dose on my percoset is low and doesn’t control my pain anymore so I’m assuming the trip to the dr that will change again I hope. Anyway I’ve also heard of them using neurontin which is similar to lyrica but with the side effects, but I don’t know. God luck sweetie hang in there, were here when you need us…

Hi ohdearkatie

I’m so sorry you are having such a miserable time right now.
I have been taking lyrica 600-750mg daily, along with cwmbalta
and a variety of anti inflammatories and night sedation.
I have gain 40lbs over that period of time, so completely understand your point regarding weight gain.
If I forget a dose - which to be fair is unlikely, but when I have it is horrendous!!!
However in lyrica’s defence, of all the other meds I’ve been prescribed in the past lyrica does improve my pain (to a degree) more than any of the others - so I guess I’m stuck with it!!!
I hope you get some kind of relief very soon.
Gentle hug

I believe that I have had reactions to Lyrica twice. The first time I tried it I felt like I had the flu and went off it. The second time I tried it I did feel a little better but after a couple of weeks on a higher dose I felt really dizzy, weak and tired. I also had weight gain. I am now off of it. Good luck and call your doctors office to report your concerns.

I believe ,I may be wrong but going "cold turkey " from Lyrica can drop your blood pressure to the bottom ,you don't live without blood pressure

I agree

Hello Katie,

You might try taking them right before bedtime and see if that makes any difference. That's how I take mine and and it made a huge difference.