What a wally

What a dope I am I slipped on some water yesterday on my wooden flooring oh my goodness I went flying superman didn’t have nothing on me… but today I can’t get out of bed I can’t move feel like that bus is back and has run me over again… moral of the story mop up the bloody water :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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Oh no! Lucy, I’m so sorry you hurt yourself! I have done the same thing, if there’s water on the bathroom floor. You are falling before you ever knew what hit you!
Sweet lady, I do love your sense of humor, even in the rough times - It is a lesson to us all! Hope you are better soon & didn’t break anything! :cry:

Hello Lucy hope you are okay after your fall my special needs son done the exact same thing a few weeks back I heard a thud in my kitchen and when I went in he was lying on the floor with his eyes glazed and staring right up at me it was so scary he had knocked himself out I got the fright of my life.
Take care Annette Mod Squad.

Your floors are out to get you and my ladder is out to get me!!! Guess we should have stayed in bed in the first place! LOL…

LOL, gramybear, you have such a way of looking at things!

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No breaks just looked a bloody wally like I was swimming in mid air lol :laughing:

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Thankful you’re okay!