What A Pain

Hey everyone. I haven't been on in quite a while so I thought I'd shared what I've been dealing with. I finally got medical insurance but the insurance set my primary care to a facility too far from where I live so I had to change it and wait 3 weeks till I could go to a doctor a bit closer. In the meantime I had been dealing with a nasty ingrown toe nail that I hadn't been able to get care for. And to add to it my mom was back in the hospital with another nasty bladder infection (linked to her kidney failure). One night I went to see her with my bf and the pain in my foot was getting to become too worrisome and it was making me feel sick. We went down to the emergency room and they removed part of my toe nail but it was so inflamed that the numbing shots (that hurt horribly) did no good. I swear the whole emergency room could hear me screaming. They gave me a referral to a podiatrist (which turned out to not be covered by my insurance) and prescribed me antibiotics and norco for pain. I took the norco for a week and it made me feel so sick and loopy. One night I was so loopy I accidentally took too much so I had to call poison control. After that night I decided to stop taking it since it was making me feel so ill. Unfortunately I was not aware of the effects of doing so. I could not sleep for a few days I'd wake up from a sudden feeling like I was falling into some kind of darkness like almost my body becoming too relaxed? My heart was racing all day and I was literally sick to my stomach. I couldn't take it anymore so I went back to the ER. They did blood tests, urine tests, EKG and ct scan. The doctor told me it was all from withdrawal of the norco. I was glad that I was okay and did feel better in a couple days until not long after these "migraines" began and added and new pain to my days. They left me in bed nearly all day. The pain was on one side in one spot and in my one eye. The pain was constant so it never went away just would die down a bit or intensify. When I finally went to the doctor I was obviously anxious since I hadn't been to a normal doctors visit in over a year and with all this going on I'm not feeling so great. Disappointingly but not surprisingly the doctor was pretty rude. She looked at my toe and said it looked okay just to watch it but informed me that my insurance only covers podiatrists for diabetics (which was very disappointing since I have a problem with ingrown toenails and not getting it checked up on scares me). Also she decided to prescribe me ibuprofen for my "migraines" and did a blood test to check for anemia. She told me to see how the ibuprofen goes and if it does not help I may need to see a specialist and have some tests done. So fast forward 1 week I get a call from the doctors office saying "the doctor wants to see me" but the soonest appointment wasn't for another 2 weeks. In the meantime, the ibuprofen is not helping and my day to day life is consumed by these "migraines" and to add now the other side of my toenail is feeling painful as if it's getting ingrown. So I went to the doctors appointment and the doctor spent 20 minutes talking to me about my blood test, diet and doing another blood to double check on things. When I tried talking to her about my toe and migraines she says "I'll be right back" and walks out. 3 minutes later the nurse comes in to get me for the blood test. I told her the doctor said she'd be back and that I had 2 things to talk to her about. She says "okay let me tell her". 5 min later my doctor walks in looks over at my toe and says "I'll get you a referral" and walks out. Then the nurse comes in and tries getting me for my blood test but I told her I needed to talk to the doctor about one more thing so I wait and she comes back and says how busy she is and it's up to me if I want to wait or make another appointment (in 2 weeks). I waited 15 min, no doctor. I couldn't wait any longer because my ride was waiting outside. I was also told that they had to contact my insurance about the referral because they normally only cover for diabetics which is okay except that I hardly have transportation at the time and the offices is not that close so I can not go there so often. I made an appointment for 2 weeks for my "migraines". I lasted less than a week longer till I couldn't stand waiting with no relief. I went back to the ER and with a new symptom. My left arm was tight and hurt (kind of like when they take your blood pressure and it gets really tight and pulses) and my chest was tight and my heart was racing. When I got there my blood pressure was high. They did urine, blood, EKG and ct scan again. The doctor was a bit puzzled when I couldn't raise my eyebrows and asked me if I ever had botox. Of course I never had. They gave me benadryl and Valium. Man was it strong. Too strong. They kept asking me "why aren't you sleeping?". I was frustrated because how was I suppose to sleep when they are wanting me to talk to them every 5 min? I felt it would have been okay if I were to just lay in bed and go to sleep not having to talk to doctors and do all these tests and sleep? Wasn't happening.. I was happy when it began to ware off. Anyways the doctor eventually came and told me that everything looked normal and that she thinks its a type of tension headache and a muscle spasm and that she thinks the pain in my arm was just the tension spreading from my head to my neck to my arm and basically my nerves are going more crazy because of the fibro. She never did tell me why my BP was high and why my chest was tight. She prescribed me Valium. The next day I took one pill and decided to do some research on Valium to understand what I'm putting in my body since I'm not big on prescription drugs. I came across some alarming information and a quite disturbing article on Valium and I decide to quit taking it. So I am now waiting for my doctors app on Wednesday to see where we can go from here. I am hoping maybe there's something the doctor could suggest that isn't so dangerous. I also got a call from the doctors office saying how my insurance wont cover the podiatrist for me. So I am a bit lost at the moment. I do not want to leave my toe like this. I am still feeling this arm pain with racing heart and it even switched to the other arm a couple times. My head pain is a bit the same, surprisingly a bit better today after putting coconut oil on my scalp... I know coconut oil is an anti-inflammatory but I never knew it would help the inside from the outside. Well either way I'm thankful it helped a bit. I've been looking into natural remedies and have been drinking ginger and white tea to help with inflammation. And have read online about fever few and its potential to help with headaches and brain health in general. I ordered it along with some peppermint oil and am excited to try it out.. Thank you for listening. I hope all of you are making it through this cold weather.

Dear Beautifulnightmare,

What an ordeal! I hope that you are able to get the solid answers and relief that you deserve!

I cannot understand why these Doctors don't realize how sick most narcotics make most people and prescribe something like Phenergan along with the pain med!

So exactly why did the Doctor's office call you for a follow up appointment, seems you never did get to that during the visit? Sounds like you are not going to get too many questions answered there, but hopefully that will change!

I'm not a Doctor, but whatever is going on with you sounds pretty intense, I know you are not big on meds, but it may take more than herbal tea to handle this. Until all of this came into my live, I was an herbal gal too, I even tried for years to handle this with natural stuff, and have enough to fill a dump truck. Even with the heavy duty AMA meds I am on, it does not handle all of this as much as I would like, so I had to just give up and take the meds, but that is just me. You may be able to go to a more Holistic Physician, but most insurances will not cover anything from the visit to what they prescribe.

My BP is by nature just on the low side of normal, so when it reads high, my Doctor always tells me that it's the pain shooting it up, so could be in your case, don't know, and they may not know either, but it's something to keep an eye on. My Internist, Rheumatologist, and even Chiropractor believe that chronic pain is dangerous, and that just about any method of breaking a pain cycle is justifiable. They never use the term 'flare', but instead, they call mine a 'pain cycle'.

Ever since the car accident kicked all of this up for me about 8 years ago, I have had what the Rheumatologist calls 'severe muscle attacks', it can start anywhere in the body and once it does, it spreads throughout my body, and draws me up in pain from head to toe. The screams that come out of me are unbelievable, the voice is NOT MY OWN! Once the diagnosis of autoimmune Psoriatic arthritis was made, and the Enbrel started, it occurs much less often, the muscle relaxers help and I have Valium if I need it. It DOES help! I always pray that I never get these when I have the grand kids in my care, as it 's like something out of a horror movie.

I take good pharmaceutical vitamins, so it is not from lack of potassium, magnesium or anything else as far as vitamin/mineral needs, and I've gone through extensive blood tests to check all of these, even the more rare ones.

I'm not making excuses for any Doctors here, but it takes time for them to get to the bottom of these things, especially if they are 'outside the norm'. I do hope that that is not the case with you, my friend.

I just cannot imagine what is happening to you, but can relate it to some things that go on with me. When I respond to so many posts that I can relate to makes me sound like I have everything, or know everything, and really I don't, but I surely have enough wrong with me to fill up a binder or two, and have learned so much on my own and here on the many sites of Ben's Friends of which I belong. We learn from each other and we look things up for each other, it may not be the same thing, but it's usually more feedback than we could ever hope to get anywhere else!

I hope that you can soon get those answers and the much deserved relief.

Sending some love,


Not many people know this but nail salons help with ingrown toenails and it isn’t that expensive. You may want to go get a pedicure and have them help with your ingrowns. I know a lady that came into my salon all the time and hers were really bad at times. May want to give it a try.

Hope you find relief soon. I have been having horrible migraines exactly how you described on the left side of my head and behind my eye. It was so bad this weekend I was throwing up all day Saturday. If you find out what is causing your headaches please let me know. They are unbearable at times and no medicine touches the pain.

You have had quiet a time. I am surprised the doctor actually came back in so many of them want. I hope you can find some thing that works for you. Keep us posted. I have found any time I take pain meds I also have to take Zofran or I am so sick at my stomach. .

Alot of nail salons will take care of your ingrown toenail, and you don’t have to have a full pedicure in most. Hope you find answers and relief soon.