Welcome Polkadotbeans_fibro from Delhi, India!

Hi @Polkadotbeans_fibro,

Welcome to Living with Fibromyalgia! We’re happy to have you join. My name is Elana and I’m the Ben’s Friends intern for this community. I’m glad that you were able to find some relief once you got your diagnosis. Hopefully having that diagnosis has helped you find some successful treatments. How are you doing now? Have there been any improvements? I saw in your profile that you want to return to painting. I hope that you will be able to do that soon. I wanted to give you a few tips that will hopefully make navigating the site a little bit easier. If you want to contact a community member, you can get their information by clicking on their avatar (the circle with a letter or image next to their username). The search bar can be pretty useful for finding information discussed in past posts. If you want, you can create your own discussion posts by selecting the “+” button on the bottom right corner of the homepage. I like to tell new members about this option because creating a discussion post is a great way to ask questions specific to your situation and it allows other community members to get to know you. If you are unsure of what to post, a simple introduction sharing your experiences can be a good starting point. You are welcome to reach out to one of the moderators or me if you have any questions about navigating the site. Also, I just wanted to mention that I think your username is very cool! Is there a story behind it?

Wishing you all the best,


Hello Elana,

Thank you for the welcome message. That was very kind.
I look forward to be a part of this community actively, although I was hoping a mobile app for iOS is launched or on the way.
Haha, thank you for the remark on the username. No unique story there. Maybe it comes from my time in gaming or could be coming from something coming from the subconscious. I do remember though, that I based it on the polka dot pattern on the curtains. Why I chose beans, haha, I don’t know.

See you.


Welcome to the group!

Hi Polkadotbeans_fibro!

Having a mobile app sounds like a great idea! I have not heard anything about us currently having one or having any plans for it, but I’ll try to update you if something changes. Even without a particular reason for it, you still ended up with a pretty great username! :grin: I do love that your curtains inspired the polka dot part though. If I had creative control over my username, I’m sure that some random object from my room would have been included (probably a cactus).


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Hi Polkadotbeans_fibro,

I asked my supervisor about having an app and found out that there is one after all called “Discourse Hub.” It should be available at the Apple store.


Hi Polkadot… I’m so glad you found Ben’s Friends. My “ Fibro “ family here has been incredibly supportive to me. You are never judged here. We welcome you with open arms! :hugs:


@Polkadotbeans_fibro We DO have an app, but it has been a while since we put the word out. Look for the information on the site soon.


LOL, Polkadotbeans! I was going to ask about your user name! I was even going to google it to see if there was such a thing as polkadotbeans! Maybe polkadot jellybeans?? Too cute! I just can’t look at your user name without smiling. It should be a rule that all user names must evoke a smile. :grin: Effective immediately, we must all change our user names to something “polkadot” like! Haha, jk.

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Discourse hub is it?

Correct. You should have received the special email by now.

Yes, your screen name is a winner!