Living With Fibromyalgia - Online Support Group

Welcome Lana from the UK!

Hi there, @Larnyp, and welcome to our community. We are happy you found us and hope to provide positivity, support, and more as you continue your journey with fibro.

I realize you’ve had a bad episode lately and have taken your husband’s advice to document what’s going on. You are sure to connect with users of our community that have likely been in your shoes, experienced ups and downs, and found difficulty conveying their pain since there isn’t anything to “see” per se.

Many of our users have shared their stories and they’re available on our forums to read, but if you have any specific questions or wish to share your story, this is an understanding and acceptable place to do so. That said, we respect your privacy and recognize that you may not feel comfortable with doing so at this juncture.

How are you feeling today? Are you seeing any improvements at all with your current treatment protocol?

All the best, Lana!