Weight gain...Injections or Meds?

I am gaining weight quickly. I was doing good until about a month ago when I started craving chocolate. Then I started being hungry constantly...Mow I have gone from 136 lbs ( which has been my max weight since high school, twenty some odd years ago) to now pushing 150. This weight gain seems to be from my waist up.

I have now received 13 Cortisone injections since April 12th. I just got the last 2 in my knee and Hip/groin area. My Dr. and I had a talk about the weight gain and he told me I had to stop eating like I was eating. Easier said than done. So I asked if he had something to control my eating...I was not thinking he actually had something for that... but... he sure did. Today I will start taking this pill.

So tell me are you gaining weight? What are you doing to control your weight? and what advise would you give to help lose this unwanted weight?

My step daughter told me I look like an avocado with tooth picks for legs...yeah that was subtle...LOL I am not obsessed with my weight...I did have to go buy some clothes that would fit me as I seemed to have spontaneously expanded and was down to nothing that fit me comfortably.

I have gained 30lbs this winter. Never gained before & I had to go to the goodwill store to get shorts for this summer. I haven't had my meds changed so I thot it was just part of being older. Woke up hungry this morning, but all I receive is $40.00 in food stamps/mo so I am down to toast, soup, pasta, eggs & pancakes. MDs have been trying my whole life to get me to gain weight & I know I won't be getting any pill to lose it.

hi Luna.. the weight loss and gains are very troublesome for many of us. since your budget is so tight may i make a suggestion/ ? if you are able to eat things like chick peas, lentils, other beans and legumes. If you can , then you can buy them dried in a bag. they are under $1 and the bag will last you a long time. All you need to do is to soak some over night in a pot with water and cook the next day. you can be creative with what you do with them such as make a salad out of them adding any things you llike and what is on sale. or even add a bit of pasta or rice or make some soups with anything you can throw in .. Your meals will be more nutritious, tasty and those dried bags will last you a long time. i hope this has been some helpful for you.. all the best and big HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGs


Hi Belinda,

I was always very petit and thin. One year i gained a lot of weight . I think it was comfort food eating. Then i could not take this 33lb weight gain so i changed my diet. just by choosing different foods. I made sure i had the foods in my house that i was eating for my personal plan and that would satisfy my taste buds; soon i lost cravings for certain things as i replaced them with other foods i enjoyed. i ate more frequently and the meals were in smaller portions. my stomach got used to this as eventually the stomach gets unstretched out as it (was stretched out when eating more) and can not hold so much at one time anymore. It took me over one year to lose the 33 lbs as i was not using any quick kind of diet. i did my own that was just a change of my eating habits and one that worked well for me so i didnt feel deprived as many of those 'diets' out there are. Last year i put on 28 lbs. it is too much for my small , petit frame. I blame that on the lyrica as the weight came on so fast. I went off the lyrica and my weight normalized again. yay.. but i still keep a pretty healthy diet as being heavy made me feel worse. hope this helps you any.. all the best to you.... HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS


I lost twenty pounds but cut out beef, pork , fried foods , soda's, white pasta , white bread , all processed foods and preservatives . It's not easy but I lost 20 plus pounds with out extra exercise. I do allow my self something sweet once a day and i have gotten hooked on frozen yogurt which is so good if your craving sweets , I also will eat unsweetened dark chocolate chips , melt them and dip graham crackers in it .

My Dr. prescribed Phentermine 37.5mg ... I started taking this yesterday morning and I can say WOW...LOL... I nibbled on a granola bar drank fluids and ate a minimal dinner...I was exposed to that family bag of Cheese curls and didn't have that got to have em response...LOL

This morning I am hungry so I am going to eat a granola bar before I take the morning meds. y'all I have never been a junk food eater... due to my stomach issues I began an elimination process over 3 years ago... Carbonated drinks I cannot swallow so those went, fast food bothered me, fried food, chips and sweets... they were just things I did not eat for one reason or another... I was actually to the point that I was running out of foods that I could eat that did not bother my stomach or some other issue. Believe me...I have never been a skinny Minnie...but never overweight...nothing ever toned...but happy in my skin. Now I just see myself eating things I would never eat...and doing this to the extream... I cannot stop... I did find myself in a bad way this past weekend...I believe I ate so much I caused a "back up". I blew up like I was 9 mos. preggers and was in misery... followed by 3 days of lower abdomen pain and just more issues...I now know I have to get control...I needed help to curb this constant feeling of being hungry...so in comes this little pill...and I sure hope it works... it seemed to hype me up and make me more active...LOL... I have to look this med. up and see just what it is... because I know it made me "feel good". Not in a bad way but I had energy... I hobbled around ( just got injection in my knee and could hardly walk) doing things all day long...I know I will pay for that...Today I go for my evaluation for water therapy... no time to slow down yet...

Huggs to Y'ALL

At the health food store I talked to a consultant and they told me I had a lot of candida in my system and it causes the craving for carbs because that is what keeps it alive. I am doing probiotics and my cravings have decreased slowly. It will take a year or more to get this under control. The cravings are still there, just not feeling so addicted to the carbs now. I do still have some carbs, but I am cutting back as time goes on.

My weight gain was 25lbs in under a year and it will take that long or longer to get it off as I don't believe in dieting. Seen too many people rebound and gain back more than before.

Hey Lovett, I took it for a couple of days and Oh my goodness...lol... I was WOUND UP!!!! It did curb my appetite. I did not take it yesterday because I wound up with a migraine the day before and even had it yesterday. Today no Migraine so I took it but only after I ate a good breakfast. I think these things get me so wired that I am gritting my teeth and the TMJ kicks in and bam a migraine.

My Husband loves me taking this pill so far... he says I am happier and have more energy. YEAH I feel that energy just bursting to get out...lol. Really though It does suppress my hungry cravings and gives me energy to get things done, as for weight loss I don't know yet...I will give it until I go back to my Dr. and get on his scales... I will let you know... also be aware that from what I have read about this pill...one has to be a candidate for it, I believe if you have certain health issues you may not be able to take this... GOOD thing for me is I can expect to lose up to 20 pounds in a month...I will believe that when I see that...lol... I do not expect to lose 20lbs. but wont be complaining if I do...lol... and my Hubby will be having a come apart because that means more clothes shopping for me...LOL... I just wanted something to stop my COOKIE MONSTER reaction to food and I got this little dream pill for weight loss... It may also be a nightmare!!! The jury is still out on that one. Look it up and do your homework before mentioning it to your Dr. OH and you can only get this with a prescription... they say what is sold online is not the same stuff and is a waist of money...

I had a BAD experience with Phentermine about 18 years ago. It was one of the drugs of the Fen-Phen diet. I took it for a while and it set me into major depression. I am sure I was already pre-disposed and I know I had depression issues already but once I started the Fen-Phen (I did lose weight which was nice) diet I got considerably worse depression. Just my experience.

Auburnm, I was wondering if this stuff was Phen-phen... I remember something about that but cannot remember what the issue was with it. I have my own issues with depression and anxiety but the other meds I am taking helps to keep that in check. This pill seems to get me all hyped up. If it were not for my leg weakness I would get up and dance...LOL... I am going to do some more homework on this little happy pill... Thank you for letting me know.