Wednesday's quotes. Funny and others

Before I leave quotes, I forgot to ask AussieMom how your fur baby is? She is so darn cute! Okay, onward.

  1. When I’m at the checkout line and they ask me if I found everything, I ask them, “Why, are you hiding stuff?”

  2. The longer 2020 goes on, the harder it will be to return to a society where pants and bras are required.

  3. My kids laugh because they think I’m crazy. I laugh because they don’t know it’s hereditary!

  4. You never appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone. Toilet paper is a good example

  5. Somebody left a grocery list in this cart that said…cheese and crap like that. So, my soul mate is out there!

LOL!!! #2 very funny and TRUE! #5 LOLOLOLOL “cheese and crap like that” Just hit me as SO hilarious that I’m sitting here unable to stop laughing :rofl:
Bella is super spoiled and doing great! Thanks for the sweet compliment - I love her to pieces! :blush:
How are you and Miss Molly doing? I sure hope the air clears soon for you guys! :blue_heart:

I love those quotes Gramybear! They put a smile on my face and joy back into my heart!

GramyB, please send update on you & MollyAnn. What is status of fires? Are you safe? How are you feeling? Sending love and prayers your way! :purple_heart: