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Wednesday quotes and thoughts

I hope everyone is doing well! We are having extreme heat and lots of fires so our air quality is twice as bad! I guess now there is a multi-use for my mask! Stay safe everyone… Would love to hear how you are all doing!

  1. I bet all you short people get excited when you hit your head on things!

  2. Dear Karma, I have a list of people you missed!

  3. Finally, my winter fat is gone. Now I have spring rolls!

  4. I eat cake because it’s someone’s birthday somewhere.

  5. I know I’m in trouble when the voices in my head start a chat group!

  6. “Don’t worry, that spider is smaller than you” “Yea so is a grenade!”

7, Attitudes are contagious. Make yours worth catching.

GBear, thanks once again for the “laugh” therapy! #4 was meant for me, as I have a real sweet tooth!!! I’m like a kid, though - I’d rather eat the icing more than the cake LOL.
I am sorry about the fires- Stay safe, my friend! :purple_heart:

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LOL…Me too! Especially certain frostings more than others. I could eat it right out of the container. We are so bad!