Everytime before it rains my whole body aches, like tonight and all weekend it's suppose to rain and I hurt allover!! my legs and feet especially, anyone else experience this?

Yes as we speak hurting … It has been raining here for 3 days straight.

Ugh! We’ve had a lot of rain this spring, I think it’s time for warm days & sunshine!! Hope you feel better soon:)

Well we have plenty in common, it was almost as if I were reading my own post lol, what city are you from? I’m also from Alabama (Crossville) it has been crazy windy here all day, I really dread this rain moving in, it even effects my head. Thanks for responding and you can message me anytime, sometimes we just need to vent!!

Hello Sharon

Oh yes changes in weather and barometric pressure very much affects our bodies with more pain. Sometimes taking extra pain medication at that time as suggested by your doctor helps, but not always. Sometimes you just have to ride it out in the knowledge that it won't be this painful all the time. It can be tough.

Gentle hugs


Thanks Rachel:)

Oh you bet, Sharon! My Chiropractor told me it's the drop in barometric pressure, low pressure makes our bodies swell and thump! With my arthritis, I usually know rain is coming before the weathermen do!

Wishing you relief!

Yes! I’ve always joked that my legs were the best weather indicator. I live in Seattle area so lots of rain! We’ve just enjoyed 2 weeks of dry weather and sunshine (unheard of in May in PNW) & rain came in just in time for Mother’s Day. I’ve been in a lot of pain since waking yesterday. It’s 4am here & been up since 1:30 having only slept 2 hours, aching body, burning hands & feet woke me and sleep is not in my immediate forecast. Hang in there…he sunshine will be back.