Weather and migraine

Hey all

I just need to vent a bit

But first of all: I miss being active here!

I haven't been around here as often as I could have, but while I often read your posts, I rarely find the time or motivation to reply. I feel bad about that...

Today, I had the worst migraine attack I've experienced in at least a year. I do get mild migraines or other non-migraine headache attacks about once to thrice a month, but today definitely takes home the award for worst moments in 2013 so far.

It started around noon when I had a mild headache and tension in my neck. I didn't think much of it, the weather had changed and I'm a oh-so-sensitive little thing when it comes to weather changes. Also, it's the first day of work after one week holidays.

It simmered at a low, tolerable level until about fifteen minutes before my shift ended. Then, it quickly became VERY intolerable, so I took a paracetamol 500 pill (it usually does the job for me)

The way home was pure torture, I was so sure I'd go and throw up in the bus, but I somehow managed my way home... somehow. I was sweating heavily, even though it was cold and snowing, but when I got home, I was WET.

All the time, I was feeling like throwing up

Usually, arriving at home, dressing in something comfy, listening to some quiet tv (not necessarily watching, of course) helps lessen an attack as well,

today, it did sh*t for me.

So, I just curled up in bed, pulled the covers all the way over my head, built a little hole to breathe through (hot/warm air makes it worse) and tried not to throw up.

Then, two hours and two pills after the attack started to get horrible, it finally lessened enough so I could finally get up and indulge in gluttony

During or after a migraine attack I often go on an eating frenzy. Especially cookies, fatty things, sweets 90% of the time. Sometimes I crave things like cheeseburgers or other savory things.

Ironically, things that SHOULD probably make me even more sick, settle my stomach during migraines and make me feel better in general

Now, 4 and a half hours later, I feel well enough to write and look at a screen.. but I'll go to bed and sleep it off soon.


just needed to get that out of my system, even if it was probably random...

I might be a little off, still XD

Could be, Dwaggie, hope you feel better soon!

HI Dwaggie - when you were going into detail about your migraine, I could literally 'feel' what you were going through. I have been prone to them since I was in my 40s and that was 20 years ago. I average about 15 migraines every 6 to 7 weeks! It's awful. I take medicine, but have to be sure to take it at the onset, otherwise it doesn't work. Also, like you, I get real sick to my stomache and practically have to stay in the bathroom for a while. It will take 2 or more pills sometimes to get the headache to stop. I feel for you and I know how horrible it is especially when you are out and about and you can't wait to get home!! I always carry a few headache pills with me wherever I go. Have you though about this. It's sort of like a safety net, just in case.

SO glad you are feeling better, Dwaggie! Please consider the idea of bringing some of your medicine with you when you leave the house! Love and Hugs! Laurie

Hi Dwaggie, this sounds like it was awful… I can relate I get the worst migraines, the one thing you said that has me concerned was the sweating. Sometimes a low blood sugar can cause h/a nausea, and you will get sweaty sometimes shaky, light headed… Ect
Just a thought, when we eat to much sugar our body releases insuline and then we have a drop in blood sugar… Maybe you can think back to that day and think about if you ate a lot of carbs or sugar ?
Glad you feel better… & are staying connected with us

Hugs & blessings

Zomig works in between the Botox injections I get every 3 months for migraines. I was getting them up to 9 times a month. Some months I also have to get a nerve block, but the Botox has greatly helped.

I take Imigran (sumatriptan) that fixes it. Barb

Oh, Dwaggie, what a time you have gone through! I am sending sweet, soft hugs your way!

It sounds like this is the worst one you have had in ages. I am ultra weather sensitive, too. Worse yet, the days are sunny and the night have drizzle. Then they grow molds, to which I am also ultra allergic. If there's one thing I have come to fear, it's an unexpected migraine attack.

One thing I have found along the way: if a migraine is different than previous ones -more severe, more frequent, etc. it's time to tell the doctor.

You may need to add one of the Rx triptans. If you take it right when a migraine starts, it can prevent the worst of it.


Susan (Scribelle)

Dwaggie - boy did you describe our worst nightmare! I don’t know how you made it home on a bus full of so many smells and the motion - I would have had to mess up my purse for sure. I carry a plastic bag in my cars for just this reason - no room in my purse with meds, Kleenex, notepads because I can’t remember stuff.

I take generic fioricet if I feel one coming or if that doesn’t work or I wake up with a monster, Zomig 5 mg. will stop the pain usually with a dark room. I can’t be around perfumes, bright lights or noise when I have a doozy. Even smells or strobe lights will set me off. Don’t invite me to a wedding if you’re going to have a disco ball - I’ll have to leave.

Glad you got back on here and opened a topic many if us can relate too! hugs~ Sandi

late reply is late. but

thank you very much!

this was very interesting to read! I knew some of it already from personal experience, but to read it in a professional context was really cool! :)

two days later, I'm much better!

I had some after-effects yesterday and had two nights of "sleep like a stone, 9 hours straight", followed by drowsiness, tiredness, grumpiness and mild after-pains, but now, I'm through with the migraine :)

interesting fact: When I was doing some research on migraine auras (I do those medical researches randomly every now and then) I was stumbling over scintillating scotoma simulation videos.

I can't watch those, because as soon as I see them, even if they don't look like the ones I experience, I feel nauseous almost instantly XD not to the point of having to throw up, but enough to make me queasy.

I first started having migraines when I was 12, when my optician screwed up and gave me the wrong strength for my glasses. Back then I had them about once a week for at least a year. As I grew up they became less and less and now I'm thankfully down to one attack every 2-3 months.
That is, headache which I identify as real migraine, or when I have an aura. (sometimes the migraine comes with or without those scotoma auras) I get general headaches about once a week, sometimes several days in a row, sometimes there are 3, 4 weeks without any pain at all.

and even more thankfully, I can usually deal with them without medication and if I can't (though the pain is bad, I usually try resting/sleeping through the worst) I take ■■■■■■■■ mg paracetamol. I haven't yet needed more than that.

I'm through the migraine now (yesterday I was having medium after-effects from the attack) but have another headache now XD it will be better tomorrow, I'm sure.

I have a lot of pills in my little plastic box, from headache pills, tranquilizer (lorazepam for the worst of panic attacks) allergy pills, pain pills if i get a gall colic, to an ana-pen (juuuuuust in case of unlikely allergy shock),

well... I'm still lucky to say I need very few meds regularly.

it really was... the attack really was quite powerful, I had after-effects yesterday, but today I'm through :)

was the worst attack I've had in at least a year for sure.

Thinking back, I think it was a combination of 4 things: possible low blood sugar (had a sweet, sugary croissant for lunch, which I usually never have) and no afternoon snack (which I usually have XD ), so 5 hours later it had to be low) I got my period yesterday, which usually also often is related to my attacks, weather change AND the first day of work after one and a half week of holiday.

the low blood sugar might have been the cause of the sweating and me feeling faint. i think i'll carry some corn sugar candies (grape sugar? I'm not sure what's the right word here) with me, just in case. I'm not known to have blood sugar troubles (taking a diabetes test every half a year on my own, just to be safe, it's always good ^.^ ) but they don't go bad and they're small and they might come in handy :)

ooowwwwch.... >.<

I'm sooo happy I'm not that bad!

i'd be so afraid of those injections... I hope you'll be okay *huggles*

^^; I was so close to mess up the bus, too.

but I've never been one to throw up easily. I can count the times I've thrown up in the last fifteen years on one hand. So, I get horribly nauseous, start gagging and all that, but 90% of the time, I'll go out with all my food where it belongs. There are times, where I wish I could just do it and get it over with, but it rarely happens at all XD

the smells are okay, since I have a deprived sense of scent (i'm almost constantly having a cold, and my nose is full of nasal polyps, so in this case I'm glad I didn't smell everything) but the motion was horrible. the bus bumped up and down a lot and I was so so so glad it's only two times a short ride until I'm home.

eww.. I can't stand perfumes at all, even on a good day, the same goes for "hot peppermint". I really love sweet peppermint, like in mild peppermint candy or toothpaste, but I can't stand the peppermint oil you can use against headaches and for colds. that stuff gives me stabbing pains the moment I smell it.

Soft noises calm me down when I have a migraine (like the low ramble of a tuned-down tv or radio) but light and especially changing light is a no-go.

I can't be in a completely dark room, though, since that'd make me dizzy/even more nauseous, so I stay in the dimmed light when I can.

Another weird migraine-pain trigger is the combination of cigarette smell in a car. I can stand both individually, but the combination.. eugh XD

I carry sooooo much stuff in my backpack for psychological comfort reasons... most stuff I never need or use.. but I fear the day where I forget one of them XD

thank you! ^.^

it WAS the worst... in at least a year.

Oh lord yes.. there was one time when I had three migraine aura attacks within four hours. But the doc said it was okay and he made a few sensitivity tests and the "touch your nose, cross your eyes, stand on one foot" things XD


luckily, after two days, i'm back on my feet (and only a little ailed by a mild "regular" headache, but that will go with some sleep.

wish you all the best!

I am glad your migraine lasted just a day. When mine hit it usually takes days before the pain is gone. I have had one migraine that lasted over a month I was admitted to the hospital it was so bad.

Migraines can be triggered by so many things! For me, the worst is bright overhead or flickering lights that shine in my eyes. Fragrances, weather, and stress drops are also biggies. You are wise to carry all your meds with you. I had a doctor specifically tell me to do that. Even those that I would ordinarily take at home are in my bag, since the unexpected can always happen.

The after-effects (post-drome) are heavy, huh! I usually sleep and feel like I've been run over by a truck. The migraine isn't over until the post-drome is done.