Water therapy/swimming

I just remembered something i did about 20yrs ago.I would come home from work in tremendous pain.I would grab my son go to the river,its a clear cold water river.Anyways for the next two days i would be nearly paln free.Its a shame they closed it down.I need a pool. Peace out

My doctor sent me to aqua therapy the warm water and exercise were great. Is there a public pool close? We live out in the country and nothing is really close. I would love to have a pool. I used to go about dark and swim with a friend i also have lupus so being out during the day doesnt work to well.

hi . i love water therapy. i used to go to a gym just for the pool and the jacuzzi. the ballet exercises i did in the pool gave me a nice gentle workout and the jaccuzzi was so relaxing on the muscles and joints.



Naw i live in the country 2.U.W.F has a pool but its a good 16 miles each way.But the relief is awsome.its worth the drive.peace out Wayne

Maybe you can go to a different location at the river or go to the lake. You can always buy one of those cheap pools and fill it up with cold water than sit in it. If it's not cold enough add ice. lol. Burr.. my body doesn't react well to the cold or cold water. I hope you figure it all out. Xo.. <3

Yea i actually take my shower every evening around 5:00 but a few days ago i woke hurting and extremely fatigued in my neck and shoulders so i got in the shower and as hot as i could and then cold.It really helped.ya’ll be good Wayne

Bump this goes with the cold water therapy