Warm hugs to everyone today x

Hi to everyone , xx

Bac@U Ang, ((((HUGS))))) Char

Love this. And hugs to you :slight_smile:

Hey girlfriend, I was so happy to hear from you yesterday! It’s good to be able to get back to the group and reconnect with my dear friends, and make some new ones.

Just think of all we have shared and hopefully accomplished since we found our place here!

Hope the barometric pressure returns to normal for you and the weather warms and clears!

It’s 70 degrees today, however it calls for SNOW on Tuesday! UGH! I’m hoping they’re wrong!

Sending a hug to you,


Wow, that's exactly right. We can do this, with the help of others. And we will.

Hugs to you, Angie!


Snow??? Mon dieu! I hope not. You guys have had enough.