Vocational Rehabilitation

Thanks to IUSB, I have learned about a public service called Vocational Rehabilitation. It's a group that looks at disabilities and see if you need help for school or housing, as I've been told. I will learn more on Nov. 13th, after my appt. with the lady. Basically, my school told me, that whatever financial aid does not cover, if accepted, Voc. Rehab will cover the rest so I won't have to worry about the bill. Also, it helps my case since I am fighting for DEPENDENCY OVERRIDE for my financial aid. It is very stressful, but in the end worth it. If I do get help, they may even help me find housing around my school and maybe others things, I don't know. I am writing this to see if anyone knows about this program? Or anyone struggling with Fibromyalgia and school. I am 20 years old, fighting to get an education, my own place, and find pain relief. Keep Fighting everyone! Stay strong and have a blessed Tuesday.

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Hi Suzanne, I used to work with a company and we worked in conjunction with vocational rehabilitation (in the US). The local vocational rehab office did help with job placement and job support and/or special accommodations. This is potentially a great resource for you - I really hope your appointment goes well. Please keep us updated! Other members here might be interested in checking it out as well. I hope others may also have some experience to share. Hugs!!

Thank you so much! I hope it goes well myself. I heard they have helped people better off than me so my chances are high right now. I am so excited and nervous.

When I was in college they helped with longer periods of time to take test and complete assignments. I was also able to tape classes {rember this was back in the day} they also helped pay for my school

I don't really need extra time. I actually get done quite early compared to others. My main thing is affording college and possibly finding housing.