I was never a big ‘vitamin supplement’ person… But, recently I started a regime of a daily multi-vitamin, Omega 3’s, vitamin D and a B-Complex for stress… I didn’t think it would make ANY difference… But, I have to say, it’s been AMAZING!! My stress levels are WAY better! My sleep patterns are better and I have more energy and less pain overall…
I’m NOT a doctor, so please check with your doctor, but I have to say its been SO MUCH BETTER!! Also, when I’m having a lot if pain and/or depression I don’t eat healthy… Or at all sometimes… So, I got ‘Boost’ which is a dietary nutrition supplement (drink) that helps me get the nutrition I NEED on days when I just don’t want to eat… It made a HUGE difference for me!!

Good for you! I know that sometimes I get out of the habit of taking them, just get tired of swallowing pills I think, buying pills too, but I really do feel better when I take them, and I do take them most of the time! Good pharmaceutical grade ones!

Getting set up for a bone density test, to make sure that my bones are actually strong enough to hold the hardware before I go to the Neurosurgeon to see if spinal surgery is even possible! We'll see if the cal/mag/D3 and multi vitamins have saved my bones!

Never heard of Boost, had to look it up, is this like Ensure?

Yes, Boost is like Ensure… Same idea. Wow… Spinal surgery… That’s a big deal… As far as vitamins go, I HATE pills too… But it’s made a HUGE difference for me, so I just keep choking them down!! LOL!!

I took these same supplements for months and couldn't tell that it made any difference. Just wondering if they are still working for you and if you have found others that work. Thanks!