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Hi I still have Positional Vertigo of course a complicated case! It’s in more than 1 canal. I go every week for the eply manuver where they record my eye movements and try to get the crystals back where they came from. It is my 3rd time with this only this had lasted 3 months. The nausea is horrible. Has anyone had benign positional vertigo before that lasted a long time??

Hi Hippiemom,

I’ve had the Eply manoeuvre 3 times too and the benefits grew less with each one. It was one of the consultants who thought maybe its caused by her migraines and I had several tests and scans and they found I was having vestibular migraines which caused the postural vertigo/ dizziness. You don’t have to have any pain with them. I was prescribed some beta blockers to prevent the migraines but I couldn’t take them as I have an EpiPen and they block it’s effects.
Anyway, a long story to say…maybe it’s not crystals in your inner ear causing this.
Hope you manage to get some relief for this. I know how limiting it can be.

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Hello, i am sorry for your situation. Never heard of it before. Is this connected to the fibromyalgia in some way? It seems a lot of strange things are connected, but doctors cant always prove it. I will try to learn more about this. just the fibro is enough !!

Hi there, Seenie here from ModSupport

I don’t know if BPV (Benign Positional Vertigo) is connected with Fibro, but I would say that just because you have Fibro doesn’t mean you can’t get other things! (Too bad, really 'cuz Fibro is plenty … if only it protected you from getting other ailments!)

I’ve had the Eply manoeuvre several times, without success. But then I have something called Meniere’s Syndrome, thought to be caused by pressure problems in those little canals. The result is similar: dizziness, nausea and sometimes so bad that is totally debilitating. My ENT was just checking to see whether the Eply would help. It didn’t, so he figured I probably didn’t have BPV as well as Meniere’s. (Ugh, now that’s a sick combo!)

BPV, I believe, can last a long time, but then again so can Meniere’s. Could that be possible diagnosis for you, Hippiemom?


Carol thank you so much for your compassion and sending me this info. I was on different medicines for migraines topirate

an another one. Will call neurologist this week.

Thanks again

Hi Seenie, Meniere’s was ruled out. No one knows why anyone has this. Age? had this since i was 58 now 61 years old. Also they found I have vestibular neuritis due to illness I had years ago mono, chicken pox flu ? whatever it is not fun. I go every week for vestibular therapy at The Chicago Dizziness and Hearing Center, Northwestern University. It’s in more than one canal which makes it more complicated. Have a lot of other auto immune etc… but nausea is the worse. I know I will have this on and off forever I just want it off for now.
Thanks so much for your information and concern


If it was ruled out then you’ve had the water test. I’ve had plenty of medical tests but that was one of the worst ever. But I’m going OT.


I have Meniere’s as well, diagnosed at age 36. My mom also has it. She doesn’t have Fibro. I haven’t had any vertigo symptoms for years. The tinnitus is still present, always.