User Name Safety

We spoke a week ago about new members who have their full name as their user name, and all agreed that isn’t the safest thing for them. I have been sending messages out to all of the new members who have this problem, but I will also be adding a blurb to the Guide and in the General Discussions for old members.

From this point on, if you approve a new member that appears to have used their real name, please send them this letter. Obviously, you’ll want to insert their name and your name. :stuck_out_tongue:

This will keep our peeps safe, and make housekeeping easier!

Welcome, Karen,

I hope that you’ll find this a good place for support and information. Just a heads-up: you should know that this site is searchable online. If Karen Tomes is your real name, you might want to consider choosing a screen name that conceals your identity a bit better – there might be people who you’d rather didn’t know your whole PsA story. It’s easy to change: go to MY PAGE, scroll down to your profile, click on Edit and make your changes. Don’t forget to save them at the end!

Have a great day!